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The only thing needed to claim a coin is follow on twitch, come into the live twitch covering your tournament, and of course win that tournament.

A player must trade in all 4 coins(a complete set) bronze, silver, gold, and diamond to claim the growing USD prize (currently $1,130 USD and Rising)

Following rounds of trade in after the first claim will start back at 1,000.00 USD

It's easy to try for one! Just sign up for a single elimination cardauctionz training grounds tournament and win that tournament to get the corresponding color of coin by league!


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An old parchment was found outside an abandoned monastery on the outskirts of the city.


It appears to be a map of the surrounding area. The puzzling thing is a mysterious mine located to the north. The locals know that ore is brought into the city, but, they don't know where it comes from. The few that trade for the ore wear the extra cloth of their hoods fastened across their faces. One thing is for sure, they're much too tall to be dwarves.

Curiously, the rumor is that these traders interact with dwarves that bring them the prized metal. Some say they've seen one, but the majority are in disbelief. The ore is used to make very valuable and beautiful colosseum coins. When people look at the tokens they shine unusually, very different from the metals they are used to seeing.

During the games, a shimmering diamond coin sits next to caesar's hand. People know that it was nothing created or found in the city. Instead, they believe that the traders had this beauty delivered to them.


The History of the Gladiators

Many gladiators were held captive, but, there were those that chose to fight in the games as well. You choose to fight at the Colosseum and if you show incredible courage and skill, then you will be inducted into the Secret Order of the Leo. Inside, the biggest mysteries of dark energy crystals are revealed.

Origin of their name: In ancient Egypt cats were held sacred. Some think Egyptians viewed the behavior of cats laying in the sun as connected to the sun god. A goddess named Bastet was originally depicted as a lioness and then later came to take on cat images. The tradition survived and leaked to the Roman empire.

The Roman army held cats with high regard and in fact, cats were the only animals allowed in their temples. It was at this time that the original gladiators formed their secret order naming themself by the code word Leo. The tradition of high respect for cats was maintained. Many think gladiators died with the fall of Rome, but, on the contrary, gladiators just went underground.

Today leo or lion represents majesty, strength, courage, justice, and military might. It's no surprise that lions have made it to the crests of shields and have become known as the king of the jungle.

Gladiators still live today and hold secret meetings of the Order of Leo.

Click to Knock Lightly

Click to Knock Lightly

If you are voted into the Order your name will be engraved on the coveted largest dark energy crystal in human hands.

Known members are Byzatinist, Jace, and Splinterlands R-U they are not permitted to collect colosseum coins


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