The Abyss - A New Splinterlands Game Proposal Thoughts Comments Suggestions?

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You have extra splinterlands cards you're not using. What options do you have?

  1. Sell it to the highest bidder under market value
  2. Burn it for 101% DEC value (many probably don't know they can do that)
  3. Sell your card at the market for a fee (can take time)

or you could play the Abyss

Cast .10 worth of cards in and that cool little wizard will pull you out a new card.

provably fair getting one of these cards for you:


I don't know that everything is perfect here but does it look like a good option?

If you really want to participate from the post you can send .10 worth of cards to @marcuswahl

I'll draw a card for you live on twitch:

P.S. Promotional Card added gold alpha clay golem see the comments

#crypticclues the newest clue if you saw him in your house you might squish him


I think this is a fun option!! 😃

Would the player be able to see what cards they can win?
Or maybe what the odds are for the given day?

Looking at the photos there is roughly:

  • 58,380 Cards below $0.10
  • 7,237 Cards between $0.10 and 0.20
  • 6,336 Cards above $0.20

So that gives a little less than 1 in 5 odds of getting a card of greater value.

Could you clarify what happens to cards cast into the Abyss?
Do they become part of the abyss pool that can be won by someone else?

Thanks for submitting this idea!

well the numbers on the cards were not intentional, I meant a card would be picked from them all randomly. I just got the pictures from the market. So the odds would be WAY better then what you expressed. The cards just vanish have to go to a different account. Hope you get a chance to reply. Thanks so much for taking the time to look it over.

Hi @marcuswahl, Thanks for the clarification!
I was wondering as that was a lot of cards. =P
I'm sure everyone would enjoy better odds than 1 in 5. =)
Maybe you could even highlight or hint at in a creative way what the best card in the Abyss is for the given time until it is won.
I look forward to the Abyss becoming a reality!

the highest card in this game set up currently would be dragon whelp and it could be won over and over again. We could put a promotional card in :)

Sounds great! 😃

Did this event happened? I wonder, did I miss it?

was gonna work with it at twitch but caught up had to get other stuff done. Nope you didn't miss

Looks like a lot of fun! ~@clove71

Thanks Clove!