The Complete Guide to Bronze Strategy for Splinterlands #Colosseum

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The complete guide to bronze strategy is a HUGE subject that will need some editing as time goes on, but, Here We Go:

Zaku is a huge player in bronze. When the mana of the battle is 23 or more and red is available you can look at a line up like this:


Why this is powerful? Simple. Lava absorbs blows with shield up front, ooze gives us a speed advantage, and the snipers with blast are capable of hitting three cards in one hit because of blast.

Another interesting guy is Serpentine Spy if his opportunity skill hits a monster in the middle, thus, he could hit three monsters with one hit using blast.


Now it is possible that if an opponent knows you will play exactly this way they might be able to come up with a counter, but, this position is very strong.

Sometimes I wonder if Zaku is played perfectly if there is a counter that is even possible. I'm hoping to get an expert comment on this from a great player.

WHAT IF WE NEED TO PLAY BLUE OR GREEN because of the battle set rules?
Maybe red isn't possible or the rules prevent our snipers from being played. The 2nd or 3rd strongest summoner in bronze is Val.


He gives us a speed advantage, boosts our magic damage, and of course +1 health to all creatures. If you catch your opponent not ready for magic, well, it's pretty easy to see how it's lethal. The fast magic that never misses kisses your opponent goodbye!

Remember, our higher mana summoners are reserved for higher mana battles. The logic is that if there is a 12 mana battle playing zaku gives us little room for monsters :)

In a High Mana Green Set Up:
Here is a base to work with.


Here we have a double heal with flesh golem and wood nymph and our large backup is kron granted the last man standing by llama. At 13 mana you can do it with flesh golem.

I'm fond of using llama and just Kron in a 17 mana battle because last man standing kicks in right away.

Self Healing Creatures and Double Heals:
They play a big role in green and blue setups so worth a look:



It should be pretty clear why this works. You can't kill the front monster because he keeps getting healed. Affliction and stun can disrupt it, but, your opponent has to know how you're gonna play to get ya.

The rule sets and number of mana will produce a lot of intricate plays and we can start to work on those in the future. Hopefully, the above will give you a foundation to work with. I suppose we should all remember that the addition of just one new monster could change strategy quite a bit. Look what Zaku has done!

Does Lir have a use case counter to zaku? Case in point an earthquake rule set on top of his return fire:


The quest for the best 12 mana set up:


A perfect play with Zaku for the rule set?
It's only melee and no abilities rule set 21 mana
Elclements played it better:


If your opponent tries to overwhelm you with magic and you have enough mana consider Torhilo the Frozen. It only takes 8 magic damage from your opponent to cut that in half to save 4. Sea monster heals 3 damage per round so Torhilo is superior versus 8 magic damage or more. Plus, he also has armor!


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Really nice guide Marcus!

In fact, Water splinter could be a Zaku killer with Valnamor and Lir

Thanks for commenting! Lir has a place somewhere

This is a great resource. I am going to bookmark and share with new players. Kudos.

Thanks unitqm!