What Are You Missing at Splinterlands?

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A very valuable tool allows you to see which cards You Don't Have in your Splinterlands collection.
Great for beginners and advanced!

Just login with hive keychain or hive signer and select:

The market is always located in the top right.

Here is the cool feature:

Select it to see which cards you don't have

And did you know?
https://cardauctionz.com/market hides cards by default that are on cool down so you never have to worry about a card not being
able to be played right away. Of course, you can select to see cards on cool down if you want.

Remember gang you can use splinterlands credits or dec to make purchases. Just click on whether you want to use credits or dec in the top right toggle button.


Are you just starting out and looking for that little extra to help:


P.S. Don't Have Hive Keychain Yet?


The filter is greatly overlooked even by myself but I'm learning to use it more and more (the cooldown one is super useful).
Thanks for the info!

Thanks for commenting and glad you like it!

Wow, an auctions market for Splinterlands? That sounds awesome. How exactly does it work? Do you have a tutorial for the auctions?

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It has a splinterlands card market and an auction component. The live auctions part is a bit tricky for us as we deal with peoples schedules and current membership base. I really appreciated your enthusiasm! I laid out an explanation of this auction style and strategy :) https://peakd.com/splinterlands/@marcuswahl/the-cardauctionz-com-project-explanation-and-future-in-the-hive-community

Hello, good new feature.

I found an issue.

This the user see if he is not logged there.

And If to try to login the page is still like this:

The feature appears only after page refreshing.
(Opera browser). So need some fix of auto-refreshing/this feature appearing.

Also a little bit useless it the user have Gold Foil Cards this and that ... it would be wonderfull to fidn out how to solve this in complex (subjective and not the first order proposal).

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