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RE: Potion, Quest, and Active Splinter Updates

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Super interesting changes. One thing I didn't quite understand: For those who invested in just 2 splints, will it be even harder to complete the daily mission?


I think not, in every case not if you have a dragon summoner as you can play with him also your 2 splinters. But in the end you need only the Dragon Summoner and no Dragons, as you can play dragon summoner without dragons.

Let's calculate:

Now you have 2 splinter from 5, so your chance to get the "right" quest is 40%.
In the 60% cases you get other splinter, you change the quest and (as it remain only 4 splinter and from this are 2 "your" splinter) have a chance of 50% to get now the right quest. So 50% from 60% means 30%.
Your chances to get (with one change) the "right" quest is 70%.

Later you have 3 from 6 Splinter, so the chance to get the "right" splinter are 50%.
In the case you don't get the right quest you change and your chance is now 60% (3 from 5 available splinter are "yours") - so it means in 30% of cases you get now the "right" splinter.

So your chance is later 80% instead of 70% to get (with one change, if neccesary) one of your splinters.

Hi, @schachoberhessen. Interesting, thanks for answering, I can always complete the quest, but I also play with my mother's account and she only has 2 good splints, but there is no use predicting how it will be, let's see in practice when the changes come.

OK but if you have the drogon summoner you can play with the dragon summoner one of this two splinters.