Splinterlands/Steemmonsters All Summoners "Which One Holds Good Fortune In The Future?"

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Hello everyone!

Are you a splinterlands addict player? or a investor and card collector? or just an average player? If you're one of those for sure you are familliar on the market prices of the cards, what kind of cards are usefull for battles and rulesets of a match and I think you have any Idea about which cards are best for investments in short term or long term.

Which summoner will shine in the near future?

It is very clear that the summoners are probably the most important card in the game because you can't summon monsters in the battlefield without them, also the summoners are the ones you need to Level up first before leveling up your monsters because you can't summon high level monsters with a low level summoners.

That's why I think the summoners are more likely to Increase in demand for the near future, but there are different types of summoners out there so if you are planning investing on summoners you need to observe first on which card which card is reasonable for investing.


Alpha?, Beta?, Promo?, Reward? or Untamed?

Let's start with the Aplha Summoners.



I think the alpha summoners are one of the most useful summoners in the game not just because of their stats but also because of alpha cards benefits, if you use alpha cards on ranked match you will gain more DEC tokens in every match you win ( you will gain additional 10percent DEC per alpha card you use in a battle), also there are tournaments only for alpha cards. And also look at the numbers of alpha cards which are selling in the market almost all of them are less than 50pcs and they are all pricy except for the "Zintar Mortaliz" because there are still 143pcs of alpha death summoner "Zintar Mortalis" and also the price of this scard is lower that other summoners. Maybe if I had extra money I will buy a bunch of Alpha Zintar Mortalis and sell it when the demand of this card went higher.


Beta Summoners

the Beta starter summoners are just like the alpha summoners, they are all the same in stats, but unlike the alpha cards the beta cards don't have any DEC tokens bonus yet, and also in beta you need more cards to level up your summoner, for example you need 3 cards to level up your beta rare summoner to level 2 while in Alpha you only need 2 cards.

20191206_044909.jpg Beta series also introduced the epic summoners, these 2 mana summoners has no ability, but they are pretty usefull in silenced summoners and little league ruleset.

20191205_015454.jpg and also beta has a legendary summoners the price of these summoners are much higher than the rare and epics but the price is reasonable too because only few of these summoners are printed, and also their abilities is quite powerful.


Promo Summoners

Not that much to say about the promo summoners, but those 2 legendary promo summoners the "ARCHMAGE ARIUS" and "PRINCE JULIAN" are the rarest of all the cards in the game, look at the price the price of ARCHMAGE ARIUS is 750usd While the price PRINCE JULIAN is almost 1000usd so if you have one of these two cards you belong to the few lucky ones because there is only very small chance to pull those cards.

And also promo cards has the only common summoner in the game the "Delwyn Dragonscale" this is the cheapest of all the summoners and there is more than 82,000 copy of this card but there is only 743 are for sale in the market, by its current price of 0.1usd I think buying a bunch of these cards and stacking them is a potential investment.


Untamed Summoners


These rare summoners are the new starter summoners of splinterlands, these cards are the replacement for the Alpha and Beta starter summoners. The abilities of these new summoners are quite good but for me the first alpha and beta rare summoners are stronger and more useful than them. The new untamed monsters are surely strong but more likely I would use my alpha and beta rare summoners to summon them.


My Final Thoughts

So those are all of the summoners in the game, but the question is.... which summoner will bring us Good Fortune in the future? well no one knows and only time can tell.

And for my own observation and opinion I think the alpha and beta starter summoners will bring more good fortune to its owners so if you have a bunch of Alpha and Beta summoners i think holding and stacking them is the best decision for now and since the game is not printing alpha and beta cards anymore I think the demand for them will go higher and higher overtime.

And also I nearly forgot the most important one Lol. The reward edition epic summoner "Daria Dragonscale" this summoner is very useful and strong card and yet this card also not cost that much in fact you can buy one for just 0.8usd and the printing of this card is reaching it's limit, so think buying bunch of Daria now is reasonable because when the time this summoner reach its printing limit the price and demand of this card will probably increase.


This post is my personal thoughts and opinion, and this is not a financial advice, I'm just sharing what's my insights about the future of the cards and those insights has a probability to happen and not to happen, So it is better to observe first before buying anything.

Thats all for now and thank you on your time spent reading this content, See you on my next posts.




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