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RE: Introducing Splinterlands Credits

How will the Credits work when I want to purchase packs with it? Do I have to pay 2000 Credits per Pack or are those credits used to buy DEC and than whatever the DEC price is this will be used to purchase the Packs.
I'm just saying right now 1 Pack costs me 2000 DEC or about 1$ compared to spending 2000 Credits aka 2$???


Nothing is really changing with regard to buying packs. Packs will cost 2000 Credits, which can be purchased in the game for $2 using PayPal or various other cryptocurrencies. You may still also purchase packs with 2000 DEC, and we encourage people to take advantage of the arbitrage opportunity that is currently available on the DEC markets.

Are you planning to allow buying DEC with Credits?:)

No, we cant as that is the same thing as us selling DEC. If you're looking to buy DEC with USD, you will have to first purchase another crypto with USD via an existing fiat gateway and then buy DEC with that on one of the exchanges.

Thanks for the answer :)