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RE: Splinterlands Ambassador Program Announcement

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That poster looks fantastic. Incredibly well designed. Eye catching, with just the right amount and type of detail.
@o07 and I went out with a stack of promo cards over a year ago; and maybe this is just here in Australia; but the gaming stores we visited, even the smaller ones; could not have been less interested.
The walls are already covered in posters; and they all have their own projects and priorities. Larger stores are all franchises, with National marketing managers in Sydney who call all the shots.
I've given it a lot of thought since; anticipating something like this would arrive.
I'd like instead, to hit local fish and chip shops.
They're usually owner-operated, so you're talking to the guy who makes the decision.
They have no competing priorities either for that wall space, or for games they're trying to promote, they're just selling hot chips and hamburgers.
They're well frequented by single men, who typically have spare time and disposable income; and those men place an order, then stare blankly at the bare walls for a few minutes (or the Chiko roll poster that's been there since 1983), waiting for their bag of takeaway. Then they come back again, every few days.

My pitch:
This is a great new game, we're trying to spread the word and find more players.
If your customers join up by scanning this exact code with their mobile, you'll get 10% of whatever they spend in the game, for as long as you keep the poster up.
Here's a link you can type in on your computer, to keep track of your total, and I'll be back in a year, to hand it to you in cash, or to send it to any bitcoin address you like.
There's also 10 free account cards here; but save them for people who show an interest in the game, whether that's customers or friends and family.

Edit: But yes, a cheque direct from splinterlands would make this even more attractive for me personally. No managing their keys, selling their STEEM, then handling and delivering cash. That's even better :)