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RE: Potion, Quest, and Active Splinter Updates

in #splinterlands2 years ago (edited)

Wondering out loud, if these tournament wins need to be racked up in Official Splinterlands tournaments, or if they can be acquired during User generated tournaments.
If the latter, I think its a fantastic inducement to get Guilds and other groups posting/hosting our own tournaments. They'd need to be public; and I'm not sure if paid entries would be a deal breaker.
I was thinking, too. If there were an ECR cost to enter tournaments, say 5%, we'd keep a lot of heavy hitters out of lower level ones.


That would be a way, but in the moment (and I think their is no desire to change) the creation of a tournament cost 2$ - I think this is a point who many people scare off from creating tournament.

You could it also say in another way: You should pay 2$ for every tournament for fullfilling of your daily quest.

Maybe it would be a way to take the 2$ from public tournaments but not from private tournaments.