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Stubborn Mercenaries has quickly become my favorite quest. For those that don’t know, it is a rule for a quest, where neutral monsters cannot be used! Only three battles must be won to complete the quest, and get the rewards cards. I’m at the point in the season when I’m vacillating between Silver and Gold. Currently, I am losing more battles than I am winning. I managed to put together three wins to complete this quest. My rewards cards are down below… Comment your favorite card, and it could be yours!



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Hello, Screeching Vulture please!

@mcoinz79, It's my Favorite Rule too because in a way we can complete the Quest quickly and it also adds freshness to the Quest Series.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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I'm also going to go with the Screeching Vulture lol gotta level em up

Screeching Vulture

Lucky you! Enjoy your card

Screeching Vulture please.

Definitely the baby unicorn!
I hope to see mine grow into a big mighty unicorn some day.