My first season awards || Ep. #5 || Splinterlands

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And just like that, I have completed my first season in Splinterlands. I managed to stay in and around Gold I and tried last night and this morning to break into Diamond III, but no success. Nonetheless, lets get to it.

Season Stats

I started playing Splinterlands on 7th July and the current season was already underway:

  • Battles: 327
  • Wins: 187
  • Longest streak: 10
  • Highest rating: 2726
  • Highest league: Gold I

I managed a win rate of +/- 57% - not bad, not good. However, I am still learning the mechanics of the game and different general strategies.


The highest league I achieved during the season was Gold I which provides 30 chests. Being my first season rewards, I was excited to open the rewards to see what magical shiny internet cards were going to be presented to me.


A whole load of meh.


Additionally, I got 252 DEC, 7 legendary potions and 5 gold potions. I have received more valuable daily quest rewards, but something is better than nothing.

Goals for next season

My goals for next season is to make incremental progress in the following areas:

  • Break into Diamond III league
  • Play 350 battles
  • 60% win rate ratio

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Thank you for reading and hope you have a good rest of the day!



Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Nice rewards you got.
Especially the gold foil one.
And you're right... something is better than nothing.
I hope you'll get better ones next time.
Until then... keep practicing splinterlands.

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