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RE: Let's Digitalart - Character Re-Design "Maylor Crowling"

in #splinterlands4 months ago

I would love to get some suggestions

think mimosa has potential. ie in a bikini and a santa hat, or lingerie :)


A sexy death splinter Summoner...sounds cool I put it on my list.

Thank you for your suggestion @michealb !

I second that wish, Mimosa is an awesome character. Maybe leave out the santa hat, as Christmas is over. But a sexy look is very welcome. ;-)

Awesome i have underlined Mimosa in my suggestion list ;)

Best sticky note ever!

Did you know that some Mimosa plants like Mimosa tenuiflora contain DMT, the strongest psychedelic in the world?

Yes i actually heard about it from my brother. Very interesting substance!
I will definitely work into the Illustration some psychodelic effects as an insider for those who know;)