EARN on Splinterlands

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Hello Steemians,

Eager Active Raiders of Noobs (EARN) has founded a guild in @splinterlands. EARN is a group of gamers that came together playing @steemnova . After much sucsess there we moved on to @hashkings, @drugwars, @nextcolony and @splinterlands.

Today we founded a guild in the Splinterlands and are looking for others to join our ranks. We have already built a level 3 guild hall and will be looking to level that up as quickly as possible.


Being very active you can be sure it will not take long for our quest hall to be towering over the land also.

EARN is an awesome group of gamers that just enjoy playing and chatting with each other. If you would like to join a social guild in the splinterlands then EARN is definatly the guild for you. So all you generals out there , grab your summoners, grab your monsters and prepare for battle!

Have an awesome day everyone!


Awesome Guild! I will be giving this an upvote from Steem Monsters tomorrow!

Thanks @clove71.
Have an awesome day!

Earn is an awesome guild! I like that you guys are having fun!

I like how your group name is worded like "earn," I thought this post would be about ways to earn on splinterlands (which I know some of.)