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Splinterlands Development Update - September 2019

in splinterlands •  11 months ago 

I have lvl 4 summoners and i hang around silver 1 to gold 3 most of the time. I dont get who are these small players they are talk about? Lvl4 summoners are small players?

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Small = The ones working their way up from scratch and can't invest a shitload of money ;0)

How much is shitload and how many people will do that? I have enough money but i got thr by not spending shitload on games. I still have invested at least few hundreds on this game. Atleast more than average spender.

I think a couple of hundreds is a lot to invest in a game, any game.
Definitely considering that only takes you to Gold 3.

Glad they changed their minds about reducing the rewards for the Silver and Gold league.

They did. Where's that announcement?

Edit: found it

Hi @mightypanda. Sorry if it was meant in the wrong way. The change would have impacted silver level accounts more and that may have been the wrong terminology. An update has been made and players in silver and gold won’t have their reward cards reduced so there is good news there!

I saw that they reverted the changes and thats great. I was just venting a little because i have recently spent quite a bit of money in my 2 accounts and they are still paired up with lvl1 bot accounts. They can stop bots all together but they dont want to as player base is quite small. I think they should just run thr own bots instead.

Yeah. It's quite difficult to reach gold with lvl4 summos. It's possible for max dec.
My dec is not max, yet that required a good amount of investment.