Exposing my alt splinterlands account

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Hey guys,
Hello hivers

How are you all?
I am fine by the grace of almighty. I am happy because I am still alive in this pandemic situation yet.

This is my another splinterlands blog. I used to share my season end rewards every 13/14 days after. But today i wanna share my alt account.

My alt account is cyclopsismytwin. Which i am playing daily. As splinterlands rewards have been decreased,so I don't play on small accounts much. But i have gold cards in this account to play,those cards are in level 3&4. So i am able to do good in splinterlands easily.

It is 5 days left to finish this season,but i am happy because,i have touch champion 3 very early,so i am hopeful that i will be able to touch champion 2 and grab 120 season end rewards.

See my profile of cyclopsismytwin account. Here it is.

You can see everything in this picture,i think i don't need to say about those.
I will share my cards too,but not in this post. I will share my strategy how i touch champion 2 with this cards and what cards soon.

Now i want to share 2 of my last quest pack opening,what i have got in them.
Here are those.
The 1st one

the 2nd one

You can see a good numbers of rewards i got from quest pack,but not much good cards or dec. But i am happy because this is Worthing something,i give my time for. But i hope that splinterlands will rise again like before.

This was for now,i will come and write again.
Till then stay home,stay safe.
Take care of your health and your family.

It was for now.
Thanks for stopping by @minhaz007

TᕼᗩᑎK YOᑌ

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

It's nice to know that finally you decided to talk about your alt account.
And congrats on getting into Champion.
BTW... I'd suggest you work a little more on your splinterlands-related post(s) for bigger rewards.
And I remember saying before about your twitter link.
I can't see anything that you shared the post in social media.
Please give a proper link to you sharing your post on social media next time.