Triple Redemption by Double Resurrection of a Halfling Alchemist

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@dhimmel battles @bitcoinsig in a Champion League arena, with the ruleset of Equalizer, Keep Your Distance, and 34-mana cap.

The Halfling Alchemist is twice resurrected: first, by High Priest Darius and second by Chanseus the Great (summoner). The 2-mana Alchemist does big damage with 3x deathborne redemption.

Click link to Watch on Splinterlands:

A tale of Equalizer, Keep Your Distance, Redemption, and Resurrection. Battle screenshot before attack but with all summoner buffs and monster abilities applied.

The Halfling Alchemist was a promo card to celebrate the last Bitcoin halving. It's an honor to command one of these monsters. If you want a max level gold Halfling Alchemist, you'd have to drop $367.99 USD-equivalent on the free market according to That's why I'm not playing shiny on this neutral.

Like many of the best discoveries, its creation was inadvertent... ran out time crafting the team and the Alchemist ended up in tank position, despite not even being able to attack from the front due to ranged attack.

I made @bitcoinsig a 15% beneficiary of this post for being a good sport!


@peakmonsters and @splinterlands, this post me thinking it'd be really cool if you could include a Splinterlands battle URL in the markdown source, and it could be rendered as an embedded battle.

Similar to how YouTube, Soundcloud, etcetera get embedded.

In this case, I would have just added to my post:

I'd even be okay with @peakd adding their referral for posts that don't specify ref (although I know there is sometimes user backlash against link editing). But it might help pay for development of this feature.

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