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Hello everyone whenever I participate in SHARE YOUR BATTLE I record the matches to post the video but this time it will be different because I recorded the battle but I couldn't upload it to the dtube I thought it was the video so I went to record another one and gave the same thing for this time it will just be screen prints.

Here you will see my Silvershield Assassin drawing for the Splinterlands Art Contest Drawing Silvershield Assassin Dressed to kill

The Assassins do not openly wear the insignia of the Order of the Silver Shield, for they take on the dirty work, the kind of work that is best forgotten after it is done. Armed with small jagged daggers and throwing knives, Silver Shield Assassins kill with the silence of a nightfall over the Khymeve Meadows. They never take prisoners.

My line up

2020-02-01 16-53-59.mkv_snapshot_00.14.986.jpg


Opera Instantâ

barra 2.png

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