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Hi everyone continuing on an idea to create animated splinterlands - Steemmonsters cards Here is another one, this time I chose the CORNEALUS card, I hope you enjoy it and if you can share it to make more people see this gif.

Hola a todos, continuando con la idea de crear cards animados de splinterlands - Steemmonsters. Aquí hay otra, esta vez elegí lo card de CORNEALUS, Espero que lo disfruten y si pueden compartirlo para que más personas vean este gif.

Olá a todos dando continuidade a uma ideia de criar cards animados de splinterlands - Steemmonsters aqui está outro, dessa vez escolhi o cartão CORNEALUS, espero que gostem e se puderem compartilhem para fazer com que mais pessoas vejam esse gif.

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The large, floating eyeball monster known as Cornealus has strange magical powers and can see anything for miles in any direction. No one knows from whence it came.

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Neat idea. Did you try to reach out splinterlands team and ask if they would be interested integrating it to the game? Of course with better quality (proper layers etc. :)

I would be very happy but I believe that an animated card would make the loading of battles take longer for players,

Dang, I thought the cards are presented in vector graphics but seems those are hq bitmaps.