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So I've been looking at the card designs recently.

Over the past few days, I've needed to dig up old files and templates to tackle the new stuff that's coming up soon. As I look at these archived assets, I'm amazed at how far Splinterlands has come.

A lot of these files are well over a year old. It brings back memories of all the different possible directions. All the different ideas that were being tossed at the wall.

Some of these images have been shared in the past. Others have not.

I thought it would be fun to hop in a time machine together. See how things have evolved!

Let's start with the very, very first card design. No stats, no abilities. Just a name in a brown box, haha. Some of you may remember buying these. This was back before the game was even a game.


See the old Death symbol? It used to be a gravestone (instead of a skull).

I got involved after the first card design was already finalized. I was tasked with using this existing template to create new versions of the card and eventually make the gold foil versions. At the time, I felt we could do much better.

However, looking back at things now, I'm glad that we stuck with the original look. It feels very "classic". Very retro. And that's a good thing.

Speaking of the original cards, this was one of the older collection screen designs.

Some of the elements are still around today.

If you look closely, you'll notice that the Life symbol used to be a "wing". And there was no Dragon splinter. It was the Gold splinter.


In fact, the Gold splinter had a gold frame.

Eventually, that idea was replaced with Dragons. And "gold splinter" cards became "gold foil" cards...


As you can see from the image, it was around this time that we decided to start experimenting with how Stats and Abilities would work. How would they be displayed on the card? What will be the game dynamics?

Here are some concepts that I proposed.


Little by little, we fine-tuned what worked and what didn't work. I'm not going to share every single mock-up and concept, but there was a LOT. Different looking cards. Different looking stats.


Eventually, we ended up with the design that is currently being used for Beta.

I'm pleased with where we landed. It has character, and it has a fantasy vibe to it.

I think the collaborative process was a success!


You'll be happy to know that we're never satisfied. We never stop improving. We never stop wanting to push the boundaries of what's possible.

The designs. The website. The game. Everything. It's only going to get better and better.

I'm sure we'll all look back a year from now and think that Beta is so "old school".

Such are the joys of the game industry.


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That Serpent Card! #amazing #imlostforwords

Haha, thanks!

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greetings, @nateaguila

very nice informative, man!!! thankyou

Great article! It's very interesting to read how things developed.
I agree with @contestkings that this Serpent Of The Flame looks just stunning. :)


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i'm the only that want to see the serpent of the flame design in all the cards?

Wonderful. Thanks for sharing this insight with us.

I wish you a lot of fun with future designs.


The progress has been great from every direction! I still feel that there is still a ways to go as well!

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The old designs are so cool to see. Thanks for sharing them. What happened to Kreevil The Destroyer?

Kreevil was a concept that my youngest kid and I had developed for a storybook we wanted to do. It was used as a placeholder character for the card mock-up.

It represented one of many possible artistic directions for how the characters could be imagined.

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You have a very cool job. Keep up the great work.


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I have more ALPHA Cards Than any of the Others.......nice post @nateaguila

I’m jealous! I wish I had more Alphas.

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Seeing these cards and the progress, makes me miss the time I went to school for Graphic Design..stupidly,spent far to much time at the bars and drinking instead of studying and getting better at the craft.

anyways i like seeing the progesstion in work projects like these- thanks for sharing them.

It’s never too late to polish up your skills!

I’m still learning everyday.

It’s overwhelming how many video tutorials are out there. You don’t necessarily need a teacher and classroom to become a good designer.

Good luck!

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That was a fascinating read into the past. I remember those times where I was waiting for months after purchasing packs to start playing a game. Now we are pretty much the #1 blockchain game.


Go Splinterlands!

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@nateaguila, Awesome, and without any doubt these designs took you to a journey of memories and it's important because our foundations should be always alive because it refreshes our current journey. Stay blessed.

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I started playing with betas cards, one of the ones I think is more beautiful is this

Great. You know I also am imagining how I will be designing this card also

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I didn't realize Pit Ogre was holding a club. :D

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Hopefully you didn’t think it was holding something inappropriate.

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I have heard about the game steemmonster but I am still yet to try it out

What are you waiting for???

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So good Nate The Destroyer!

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

I'm sure we'll all look back a year from now and think that Beta is so "old school".

Does that mean we are getting a new design when the Beta is over?

wow I totally forgot about the wing for life, haha. Love the old designs, I think the current ones are probably the most effective, but seeing the old ones is awesome. They remind me of other IRL card games.

Full art cards!!!!