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RE: Splinterlands Ambassador Program Announcement

in #splinterlandslast year

I have read the post and I see that this program is mostly for US region and for some people who want to be a real ambassador.But I think it would be also great if you have launched a system for becoming online ambassador too.

Personally,I have been thinking of promoting Splinterlands online by writing engaging contents and sharing different contents in social media account.If we can regularly produce contents describing why people should play this game and how it can help them earn then many people would be interested in joining this game specially from different countries with poor economy where cost of living is low.

Some people can even start playing this game for a full time living and by including more people to our community we can grow this game.We all love splinterlands and want this game to be popular for our own benefits.

Sometime I imagine what if we had hundred thousands of players playing this game everyday.How big the market would become if that happened.So I offer my suggestion that you also launch a plan for recruiting online ambassador who will promote Splinterlands by blogging and promoting Splinterlands on different social media platforms.


Agree. The same thoughts of our Russian Community online project.