Spliterlands' Game Upgrade - Playing in low leagues against bots - What a Fun it is

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Splinterlands just did it

They just upgraded their game to "Collection Power - Phase 2".
At the end of the last season, I played in CHAMPION II with 120 Loot Chests as a reward.

champ II.jpg

I did not play the game for almost 2 years after registering because I was warned that it is very addictive (which is/was true by the way). Just some days before #splinterlands moved to #hive I started to play.
Every time a season ended, I finished one step higher. If I remember correctly I finished my first season-ending in Gold II. Next one Gold I and so forth until last season in Champion II.
I managed to do that by buying Orbs, untamed packs, Dice, and potions so that I had the right cards to fight my opponents.

Yes, I invested some money to get more rewards.

With the new rules, #splinterlands says: "Thanks for your investment but it's only good for Silver I and if you want to play in Gold III you need to have at least 100,000 power. Your 70,105 are just enough for Silver I."
That means I need to have almost 50% more power to get to Gold III when before my cards were good for Champion II.
Now I can get 18 Loot Chests at the end of the season after receiving 120 last season for my investment and (I assume) clever playing. Actually, this is not 100% correct for the running season because I was in Diamond III for one day. But it will be for future seasons.
This again means that the only way up is to buy more cards because I can't win many anymore. My cards were good for Champion II and now I would need 500,000+ power to play in the same league which is almost 10 times what I have now.
Well, that's a big investment to get there.

As you can see, my rating is ok


I regret that I invested in the game because I did so knowing I could make it to the Champion leagues.
Now the rules are changed during the game and my investment is worth much less when it comes to rewards.
I hate it when the rules are changed during the game.
It's like your bank is telling you: "Well, you received yearly 300 bucks for your 100k on your account. From now on its 30 bucks per year."
That's why I hate banks and invested in crypto - looks like the same happens here.

Today I completed my daily chest and look what I got after fighting for almost 100% bots only. That's what happens when one is put on the same level as they want the bots to be.
That's what happens when the game creators say: "We want and need bots but don't want them to be too successful."
As a small player, you're treated like a bot.

rewards silver I.JPG

Ok, enough complaining

Let's move on with the new rules and ICU in Champions I ... over some years.


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Egal ob man sich für die Massen vorbereiten will, aber dann hätte man das auch von Anfang an machen sollen und nicht plötzlich mittendrin... Es war ja schon ein Game Changer als es plötzlich nicht mehr Karten gab sondern die Potioons, dann war es so das man die potions nicht mal mehr für die Reward karten nutzen konnte nächster changer , dann wurde der wert der karten eh schon um 40 % innerhalb von Wochen gemindert, rein zufällig ist das ja alles passiert, und joa jetzt das CAP das ich assozialer penner ja nicht oben mitspielen darf obwohl mein Skill besser ist...

Das Spiel ist für mich gestorben so wie für viele andere kleine auch, damit lockt man keine sau hinterm Ofen vor...

Mit den letzten 3 Changings haben sie endgültig gezeigt das es nur PAY 2 WIN ist und mit dem Spiel welches es war nichts mehr gemein hat!

Was soll ich sagen ... bin 100% bei Dir mit diesen Aussagen.

Yeah well I knew this was coming for a few months now. You can level your cards by playing but it isn't as fast as you want. They are preparing for the masses. What if the app comes out and 1 million extra players is gonna play.. it would be devastating for the game. What you could do is sell the cards that you have and get your money back that you invested or.. just play and upgrade the cards with the cards you get and with the coins you get by playing. It will take a bit longer but you will get there where you want to be. I myself think I didn't got where you are. And I have let's check 207k power 😉 and I have played a lot. It will be less harvesting for the bots altho they are playing 24/7. But getting into the champion is good with those power. 😉

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You're probably right with preparing for the masses. Let's hope they will come. It would be good for many things.

What you could do is sell the cards that you have and get your money back that you invested ...

Well, with j6969 dumping his cards and DEC I would lose quite a lot. So I just will keep playing and upgrade.

Thanks for stopping by and charging your thoughts. I really appreciate that!


Also my reaction is at BrittandJosie dont know what happened i saw that my networj was cut off abd today there was an email about a ddos attack on the internet connection. 😊

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