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The Splinterlands team has started an initiative and its called Show Your Battle Contest. Every week the team picks a theme and asks us Monster Manaics to showcase some battles that are in line with that theme. This weeks theme is .......


Monsters with the opportunity ability may attack from any position and will target the enemy Monster with the lowest health.

The Battle


This battle took place in the Silver league. I decided to use the Fire Splinter to showcase the Opportunity ability as I intended on using mele attack along side the Opportunity ability (Fire Splinter gives +1 to Mele).

As seen in the battle above, my opponent didn't have much of a chance as they only had level 1 Monsters and I had a mixed bag of Monsters that ranged from level 1 to level 5. Serpentine Spy was the Monster of choice used to showcase the awesomeness that is the Opportunity ability.

Serpentine Spy

Serpentines are naturally sneaky, but their highly-trained spies can infiltrate even the most secure bases in the Splinterlands. They wear minimal armor, because they are never caught. Retractable miniature spears are the chosen weapon of the Serpentine Spies; they can be hidden easily and brandished quickly for many uses.

Monsters with the opportunity ability have quickly become some of my favorite Monsters to play in battle. I personally like using Monsters with the Opportunity ability along side Monsters with the Sneak ability. Toss a tank with high health in the first position (don't forget that chicken) and there's a good chance you'll send your foe to their doom.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (also known as Steemmonsters) is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can start playing or investing in Splinterlands today by clicking here.

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Nice to see you back at it again, haven't seen you around in a while

Here is my opportunistic battle - https://steemmonsters.com?p=battle&id=undefined&ref=chekohler

Life got a little busy so I cut down my online time.

I'll be over to check out your blog in a few :)