Splinterlands Rewind: Splinterlands OpenSea Auction

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Splinterlands Rewind

Welcome to Splinterlands Rewind, in this series of topics we will look back at some of the key moments in Splinterlands short but exciting history.

In our first installment of Splinterlands Rewind we will take a look at the Open Sea auction that left one lucky Splinterlands player owning a Max Level Gold Foil Selenia Sky of the Alpha variant.

What is a Gold Foil Selenia Sky?

It's one of the most popular cards in the game known as Splinterlands. Its a member of the Alpha and Beta collection with the Alpha edition being the more rare / sought after version. Selenia Sky is a member of the Dragon Splinter and the card itself is a Summoner (Summoners call on other monsters to fight for them in battle).

At the time of the Open Sea sale only three Selenia Sky Gold Summoners remained in the official Splinterlands markeplace for sale and they weren't cheap. Combined the remaining three would of cost a total of $27,000 USD.

Open Sea Auction Details

On 1/17/2020 the Splinterlands team announced they have bought and combined one of the most sought after cards in the Alpha collection. Three Gold Foil SS were purchased from the market place and combined to create a very rare max level Gold Foil Alpha Selenia Sky that was auctioned on the Open Sea market.

As seen above the total spent on the three cards needed to combine to make a max level Selenia Sky was $2579 USD.

[OpenSea Auction Results]

The max level card sold for 8.4 ETH. At the time of the auction ending 8.4 ETH was worth somewhere close to $1400 USD. Today (5/22/2020) 8.4 ETH would be worth roughly $1710.

The winning bidder was @michealb, some of the other top bidders were @neoxian, @otaru, @fw206, @cryptomancer and someone with what looks to be a newly created OpenSea account with the name StalwartVersatileDalmatianOfWonder.

The winner of this auction ended up walking away with one of the best deals to date within Splinterlands short life span. To put this amazing deal in perspective it takes three level 2 (entry level : legendary gold foil) alpha Selenia Sky to create a single max level Selenia Sky. If someone at this very moment (5/22/2020) decided they wanted a max level Selenia Sky it would cost a total of $8,698 USD.

Alpha SS.png

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Selenia Sky is a famed Dragon summoner from Draykh-Nahka. Though she has no scales, the purest of the Fire Blood pumps through Selenia’s veins. Most of the flying Dragons allow her to ride them even though she is not an approved Gloridax Dragon Rider. Selenia has won more Mount Mox victories than any other summoner in the Splinterlands, and she knows she is the best.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (also known as Steemmonsters) is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can start playing or investing in Splinterlands today by clicking here.


Nice to see you back!! Have you heard about @neoxian and @shoemanchu? He just sold a Gold foil, Prince Julian, for 3,500 USD last week!! I am pretty sure it is the most expensive card ever sold to date! An upvote is on the way!

I was just reading up on that moments ago.

I would have to agree, I don't think any other card sold for more.

Congrats to both @neoxian and @shoemanchu on making Splinterlands history.

Do you happen to know the most expensive transaction to date? I know there was a day when only alpha was available and haejin came through and bought a bunch of gold legendaries, but I don't recall the dollar amount he spent.

I don't have any exact numbers but for some reason I always thought one sold in the high $2000.

Selenia is my favourite summoner, followed by the new legendary untamed summoners.

Love the game, hoping my son and self continue to enjoy it over the next few years...... at least. :)

Selenia is certainly one of the best to have.

I haven't used UNTAMED much yet but at some point I will likely round out that collection.


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I normally cross post my Splinterlands topics to Reddit but skipped that step this time out of laziness :P

I can't believe I forgot the Splinterlands tag ......
Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I have edited to include it.

Thanks for the upvote!

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