Splinterlands Rewind: The First KickStarter

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Splinterlands Rewind

Welcome to the second edition of Splinterlands Rewind, in this series we will look back at some of the key moments in Splinterlands short but exciting history.

In our first installment of Splinterlands Rewind we took a look at the Open Sea auction that left one lucky Splinterlands player owning a Max Level Gold Foil Selenia Sky of the Alpha variant for just $2579 USD.

Today we will take a look at .....

The First KickStarter

When the first kickstarter took place the Splinterlands game was called Steemmonsters and the kickstarter itself managed to get 274 backers who pledged $88,171.

The first kickstarter offered Boosters and exclusive cards that would only be available via the kickstarter itself. The higher the pledge, the greater the rewards.

Multiple levels of entry were possible. Lets take a look at some of the packages that were offered in the FIRST Steemmonsters (Now called Splinterlands) Kickstarter.

Stats From The First Kickstarter

PackageKickstarter Price
Monster Gladiator Package: Starter pack, 10 booster packs, Dragon Whelping Runt Standard and Gold foil$25
Monster Recruit Package: Starter pack, 25 booster packs, Dragon Whelping Runt Standard and Gold foil, Nen-Seni Standard, Royal Dragon Standard, and Shin-Lo Standard$50
Monster Trainer Early Bird Package: Starter Pack, 110 Alpha Edition Packs, and the following cards in gold and standard foil- Dragon Whelping, Neb Seni, Royal Dragon Archer$200
Monster Master Early Bird // $800 Monster Master Packages: Starter Pack, 110 alpha packs, standard & gold foil versions of all 4 promo cards$600-$800

Above only shows a brief description of some of the packages offered. To see the full list of packages that were available at the time of the first Kickstarter CLICK HERE.

Total value reported above ($88,171) is the value raised from the Kickstarter site alone and does not include contributed amounts made outside of the Kickstarter website.

A Classic "Steemmonsters" Promo Video

A Deeper Look

Now lets take a look and see if the value of the packages offered in the first Kickstarter has held, grown or floundered. We will do this by taking the $25 package and break down what its worth in today's market.

Kickstarter ItemToday's Value
Starter Pack$10
10 Alpha Packs$210
Dragon Whelp$1.35
Gold Dragon Whelp$6.49

Today's total value of the $25 Kickstarter package is (Drum Roll) ....... $227 USD. No your eyes do not deceive you. That's a return of almost 10X. Alpha booster packs have been long out of print so the only way to purchase them is from a secondary seller and the cheapest that is currently (5/30/2020) available sells for $20.99 USD via the Steem-Engine exchange so getting 10 in a $25 Kickstarter package was a steal of a deal!

We hope you enjoyed the second installment of Splinterlands Rewind. Don't forget to hit that follow button so you don't miss out on future Splinterlands Rewind topics that are sure to be filled with historical knowledge of the Splinterlands Universe.

What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands (also known as Steemmonsters) is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. You can start playing or investing in Splinterlands today by clicking here.

Splinterlands Total Market Cap $4,662,915

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I remember it. I was one of the buying for 50usd.
Extremly good ROI
Lovely article !

Thanks, I jumped in at the 50USD level as well.

me too guys...i got the 50usd package....excellent ROI...and let me tell you,adorable cards grafics...i got the promo dragons in alpha edition the best ever edition!!!!

@tipu curate

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Ahhh those were the days.
I miss the booster pack rewards at the beginning. :)

If only we knew then the amount of ROI those kickstarter packages would bring :)

Gosh I remember the good old days! Hope you are well :)

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Thanks for the manual curation @travelgirl.

Thanks for the well wishes, sent right back to you :)

Are you still active with Battlegames tribe? Did they move to Hive?

The BATTLE tribe has moved to HIVE.

Yes, I'm still active with them but I don't have the most up to date info as I took a break from everything online for about 2 months.

I remember winning one of those alpha packs in a contest, but I could never figure out how to claim it. I wish I had now. I feel like I am two years to late to learn that game, but I hope to get in on the ground floor of Lightnite and one day port a version to hive.
I have a nice update here: https://hive.blog/hive-140217/@shortsegments/earn-bitcoin-playing-battle-royale-game-which-is-similar-to-fortnite

Have you ever signed in to Steemmonsters (Now Splinterlands)?

To see if you have that Alpha pack Sign in (My affiliate link: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=rentmoney) and at the top corner of the screen you will see a "swirl" that says open when you hover over it. Click that and it will take you to the place that displays how many booster packs you have. You never know its possible that the Alpha pack you won is sitting in your account. I can't see if you own a pack but I do see that you do own a BETA Giant Roc.

If you decide you want to play the game let me know as I have an abundance of cards (BETA Mostly) and I can delegate you some for a period of time to help you get started.

Thanks for the link to your post.

Wow! I was wondering if I would ever claim that prize. It would be hilarious if it was sitting there all this time.
Thanks I will try that and also send you a tip.