StarterSet War: Beta vs. UNTAMED Results!

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On 2/1/2020 I announced a small experiment I was planning on running. That experiment was putting the BETA starterset monsters in a war vs the UNTAMED starterset monsters to see which starterset would come out victorious more often than not.

Before starting the experiment I first put up a poll to see what starterset all the Monster Maniacs thought would come out victorious. The results of that poll can be seen below.

The poll ended up with 24 votes. 19 of those votes were in favor of the BETA starterset vs. 5 who were in favor of the UNTAMED starterset. Those are some interesting numbers with heavy favouritism towards BETA being precieved as the stronger set of starterset cards.

The Experiment

There's a number of ways this can be done but I went with simplicity. Ten random games were played one after the other with one account having nothing but the Beta starterset cards in it and the other nothing but the UNTAMED starterset cards in it. The ruleset for each battle and the results can be seen below.

Game ModeWinnerLink To Watch Battle
Healed Out/ Odd Ones OutUNTAMEDWatch Batte
Close Range/ Even StevensUNTAMEDWatch Batte
Silent SummonersUNTAMEDWatch Batte
Target PracticeBETAWatch Batte
Aim True/ Odd Ones OutUNTAMEDWatch Batte
Armored Up/ Healed OutUNTAMEDWatch Batte
Close Range/ Melee AttackBETAWatch Batte
Fog Of War/ Odd Ones OutUNTAMEDWatch Batte
Lost MagicUNTAMEDWatch Batte
Lost MagicBETAWatch Batte


Out of ten random battles UNTAMED won Seven and Beta three. I played both the UNTAMED and BETA accounts. I had very little experience with playing UNTAMED cards before this experiment. Due to those facts this experiment is slightly flawed. Its also important to note that 10 games isn't a very big sample size. I also made a blunder in the very first battle when I picked a healing monster in a healed out game mode. I decided to keep the battle in the experiment as to take in account human error. All battles were played at the novice level (level one cards).

At first glance it looks like the UNTAMED starterset kicks the BETA startersets ass which is very surprising to me and looking at the results of the poll I would guess its likely very surprising to you as well.

This war of STARTER SETS has only just started so tune in next time to see the results of the next 10 BATTLES. In Part two I intend on playing only one account while another Monster Maniac plays the other. Will this change the outcome, I have no clue but there's only one way to find out .....

To Be Continued .......

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I would still say beta is better but maybe its just because I am used to beta cards and I know better teams to play with them, so my beta game is better than untamed even if the cards are slightly worse

I would agree, this experiment only used the StarterSet cards.

Wow! Nice study here! Thanks for being here and doing so much in the community!!!

Thanks for stopping by @clove71, as always your gif is awesome.


I thought so as well.


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Interesting !monster battles. Looks like your Beta Water team might want to keep Peaceful Giant on the bench and replace him with a bit more offense?

Looking forward to the next round. :)

Gold Dragon Animation
GIF created by @hatoto

Fascinating (and groundbreaking) !monster scientific exploration you are doing here @rentmoney. Nobels have been awarded for less. Looking forward to more results!



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It was as I imagined


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Nice experiment

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