Get your FREE Splinterlands Novelty NFT (While Supplies Last)

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Hey Splinterfans,

To celebrate the release of Azmare Dice, we are giving away a FREE WAX Novelty NFT!!!

How to get one:

Just fill out the Google Form bellow with your WAX Wallet Address and you will be issued the NFT within 48 Hours (While Supplies Last)

If you supply your Splinterlands User Name also to the second question, you will be entered to win a Untamed Booster Pack (or other random in game stuff I have laying around!)

Lucky winners will also have a chance at the HOLO Version of the NFT limited to only 25!

You can also sell or trade your NFT with others on the WAX Blockchain here:

Good luck:

Link to Google Form:

These are Novelty Items and have no use in the real splinterlands game.


Im going to give these away on telegram also:

On top of 66 Packs:



Done, joined and where is telegram group link? Thanks

Thanks to those who won NFT's and Packs today! Thanks for the support!

Sorry to mention, but I didnt receive any NFT's or packs for that matter :(

Love to collect NFTs! Also can't wait to get my hands on the new cards!

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Just joined wax to get this NFT! Thanks for the giveaway Reseller!

Awesome, thank you!

WAX NFT's, Here we go!

Done... thanks for give away...

Wao....looks cool :)

Done, thanks for this...

Submitted! What is the telegram link?

telegram link?

Done,nice giveaway.

awesome nft


Thanks for the opportunity 🙏🙏🙏

Splinterlands username : samsirdika

Wonderful NFT

Joined, thank you!

Wow great Giveaway....Dice is a great update to the Game!