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RE: Splinterlands vs Magic the Gathering: Arena (The Card Battler Showdown)

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Next comparison: Splinterlands vs Gods Unchained?
Would like to see two blockchain card games compared.


These two are much more interesting to compare as card battlers in general will probably have to start thinking about this model... I did play a bit of Gods Unchained... I didn't really like it so much, it is much more like Hearthstone and MtG in terms of depth, equipment and attention... which is why I didn't like it, I would prefer to play a better PC game if I had access to a laptop/desktop!

Also, the ETH chain (transaction fees and speed) is a bit of a drag on the GU model...

Very good point. As a long long time MTG player, I'd rather just play MTG. Granted I play paper, so having other digital card games is fun as well.

The cool thing about the ETH transactions is that at least you don't HAVE to claim all your cards. Like if you have a bunch of worthless jank, you don't need to spend the time claiming it. (IIRC they were working on a way or already implemented a way to claim all your cards in bulk.)