My First Artwork. Drawing of splinterlands monster. REXXIE.

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Hello everyone,

How are you all? I hope you all are well and safe by the grace of Allah. I am also well.

I am new at Splinterlands. I have interested at this site. It’s going to be my first post at . So, I am very much excited to post at here.

About my artwork:

Today I have drew a monster of Splinterlands.
First of all I used 2B pencil to make the structure. To draw the head of that monster was little bit hard to me. So, It look more time. When I drew the head of that monster than I drew the whole painting very easily.



About this card:

This is a common earth monster. This is a melee attack monster. This monster has a huge damage ability of melee damage.

Real Image:


Here, I am describing how I drew this painting :

Firstly, I drew the head of that monster. I drew the head very cearfully.


Secondly, I drew the body of that monster perfectly.


Thirdly, I took some colour pencils and I painted the whole Image. I Colored the whole image very carefully.

Here, my first artwork ended. I hope you enjoyed my work.

Many many thanks for visiting my blog.


Great work Allah! If I may give some feedback, think about adding the backside of the jaw. It is having the front side make it look rather flat however if you had a shadow in the back panel like the other side of the jaw to get a little more pop. Also if you increase the line thickness on the outside of your work will again separate the artwork from the background a bit more.

Again solid art and keeps good work!

Thanks, brother. I will try better next time.

you are epic my friend keep rocking !


Trying something new thats impressive bro. Keep it up. Best wishes for you..

Thanks, for your compliment, brother

Great artwork.
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Thanks, brother

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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Rexxie has a lot of fans, Nice green touch, I would like to see a Undead rexxie too.

Thanks. Ok, I will come with undead rexxie soon.