My Weekly Battle - The Exploding Dwarf Challenge

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  • common

source of magic:

  • fire monster


  • reward


  • 76,331

market price:

  • $ 0.058 lev 1

circulation gold edition:

  • 2,344

market price gold edition:

  • $ 1.29 lev 4

Let's see in detail the pros and cons:


  • high melee attack
  • high speed with top levels
  • abilities: blast (lev 1), piercing (lev 3), retaliate (lev 6), trample (lev 9)


  • low health
  • usefull only with specif rulesets



My lineup:

The equalizer ruleset is the best option to deploy the Exploding Dwarf in the 1st line and other 2 monster got the blast ability, that should make some serious damage together to the piercing Ranged attack of Ettin Spearman

The battle:

The stats of the 2 team are not so different, but my opponent got a summoner of another level



My opponent starts to hit 1st with many monster and kill my Exploding Dwarf before he can join the battle


Half of my team is gone while the other team is still complete, this means that the battle it's over


Battle link

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Ero qua che gironzolavo come un cane randagio e mi sono imbattuto in questo post, come facevo a non upvotarlo con un tipu doppio?!?!


grazie del supporto!

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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Great idea to use the dwarf together with summoner Daria and even better on the Equalizer rule. Congratulations! I wish you luck and stay strong in battles!