My Weekly Battle - The Mitica Headhunter Challenge

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  • epic

source of magic:

  • earth monster


  • untamed


  • 3,683

market price:

  • $ 0.85 lev 1

circulation gold edition:

  • 219

market price gold edition:

  • $ 12.86 lev 2

Let's see in detail the pros and cons:


  • high ranged attack
  • high speed
  • abilities: snare (lev1), piercieng (lev 4), shatter (lev 6)


  • high mana cost
  • low stats increase with update



My lineup:

This is a team with great attacking values well assorted in all the 3 different kind, the battle ruleset gives to all monster the same health values and 10 different abilities is the right boost to start the game in a very positive way

The battle:

A +5 for my team in the attacking values and 10 abilities vs 8, any doubt where to place a winning bet?



Lord Arianthus is gone and I don't feel sorry at all


After getting rid of that Mushroom Seer my magic attack will double its power and bring my team to victory


Battle link

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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Great strategy, if your Khmer Princess had a little more level your Headhunter would still have survived to the end to eliminate all opponents, but it was more than enough. Congratulations.

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