Tonight's Splinterland Win

in splinterlands •  5 months ago 

Screenshot 2019-12-17 at 8.31.24 PM.png

I have to admit, I'm sort of addicted to this game. Actually, I quite love the game. I've been accumulating cards for over the past few weeks, and even threw in a few US dollars to invest in the game. I've shown a couple of gamers I work with this game, and even they are interested. You have to give Steem credit, don't you? The opportunities are endless, and the possibilities of increasing users is massive.

Anyway, tonight's win includes the cards above. A gold Screeching Vulture and Gelatinous Cube. I love my cubes! I'm currently at Silver League III, and most certainly expect to drop like a rock tomorrow. Good luck to anyone else playing tonight!

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