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RE: Potion, Quest, and Active Splinter Updates

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"Without further ado, the new quests are (drum roll please):
Win 5 Ranked battles using the Dragon Splinter (Gold league and up)
Win 5 Tournament battles (Gold league and up)
Win 3 Ranked battles without using any Neutral monsters (Silver league and up)"

The idea is good, but the question is if you have thought about what consequences can be with this "from gold league" on.
Will it be really in the spirit of the game if somebody in gold league has no time to play tournaments, that he before taking the quest loose all ranked battles by skiping the game to come back in silver league and just take the quest in silver league to have not the danger to get the tournament quest ?


More Kobold Mining Expeditions?

Yes this would be a possibilty. Every 30 or 60 minutes start one tournament, than it would be ok with win of 5 tournament battles, but not if you should wait 14 hours for the next tournament.