Highlights from a purchase of 16 packs

in splinterlands •  6 months ago  (edited)

This isn't bad. I didn't actually do the math, but it seems like I definitely got at least the value I paid for the packs out of it.

I got pretty excited when this pack started off with a legendary card. What's more, is it's a pretty good legendary card. Mine is already maxed out, but none of the smaller accounts I play on have it, so now one of them does! Earth Elemental and Water Elemental are better than just any rare card, too.

This is even better, though! This was the very next pack I opened. A legendary summoner and two gold foil cards. Very, very nice! I wasn't using any potions when I opened these, either. Unfortunately, that's the one downside to renting out all of my Champion-level cards: I'm not earning nearly enough DEC to buy potions which cost 20,000 or 25,000 DEC and only last for 500 cards. I have actually applied/expressed interest in playing one of those Herons Unlimited accounts if a powerful enough one opens up, as that way I could earn a lot of DEC (for myself and the owner of the cards) and probably buy potions to facilitate getting better cards when I open packs. For however long buying packs is even an option, I suppose. Supplies are getting very low!

Last one. That's not too bad, I suppose, to have three noteworthy packs out of 16. It's not like the other 13 were all shit cards, but let's face it: they can't all be winners. This one is pretty good, though. Summoners are always nice, as well as gold foil cards. Cocatrice is one of those expensive common cards like Elven Cutthroat and some others, so I'll need as many of those as possible. It takes a long time to max out a card when you need 505 of them and they're not exactly cheap.

I definitely wish I had more cash available to buy packs right now. It pains me to think they'll be all sold out so soon. I really do wonder what will come next, too. A whole new era of booster packs and cards? That would be interesting!

One thing I'm starting to think about now is what it'll be like if my @sharkmonsters account gets all the way down to a 0 rating or novice level again. When it comes time that I want to start playing again, I'll have to work my way all the way up from the bottom. For that reason, I'm starting to think about either sending some cards from alts over to @sharkmonsters and playing just to keep myself in at least, say, Silver league. Alternatively, I could just send my @sharkmonsters cards to one of the alts when it comes time to play and just kind of retire @sharkmonsters. There'd be a cooldown period either way. I suppose I can worry about that when the time comes.

Oh no! Shark Monsters!

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