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I ended up buying and opening 17 Orb packs yesterday. That's not much, I know, but it was the first time I opened up more than one or two packs of anything at a time in a while. Any time I get Untamed packs, they just get added to a pile to be opened later. Not a literal pile, of course.

In the original 11 packs, these are the best packs I got:

That's right, two of the same legendary card. I already have that one maxed out, so I decided to sell them at bid prices immediately and get a few more packs so I could keep going.

Using this pack analyzer, this is roughly what I got out of my original 27,500 DEC.

Not bad! I got five more packs after selling those Corrupted Pegasus cards.

Those were a little more of a bust, as you can see.

This was the best pack I got out of the batch of five. I did end up with one more pack after opening those five, though. Nothing was really all that remarkable in the very last one. This is the analytic data for all 17 packs I bought, though:

17 packs (when you're foolishly not in a guild anymore) is 42,500 DEC. I technically came out just slightly ahead, but I also sold those Corrupted Pegasus cards for lower than market value. I'm still okay with it, because I did add the rest of the cards to my collection.

You can see it in the screenshots but I had an active legendary potion while opening these and no alchemy potion.

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Where do you get this pack analyzer?

I actually linked to it in the post, but it's here:


I had actually seen someone post screenshots without the link before and I was slightly annoyed, so I made sure to do that. Assuming it's accurate, it's pretty useful. It doesn't have access to all packs ever purchased, though, just the most recent ones.

Thanks for the upvote!