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As you've no doubt heard by now, the Beta Booster packs are now SOLD OUT. That's exciting and sad at the same time. There are certainly a handful of those cards that I still need to max out. I should probably focus on that while it's still possible to buy them on the market at decent prices.

At the same time, I'm hanging onto some of the multiples I have of the beta cards for now. They're not worth much, but maybe with some luck, the value will start to go up as the cards become rarer. There are still plenty of them around right now, though.

Out of 50 packs, these are the ones with at least something interesting like a gold card, a legendary one, or sometimes even an epic one. Or a combination of some of those things.

Any gold card is welcome, and the Cocatrice is a pretty decent one to get as far as rare ones are concerned. I'll hang onto that one and hope the value goes up.

A gold one and a summoner. Not bad!

The same gold one as before!

That's a better gold one!


That's another great gold one!

Keep 'em coming!

Hell yeah!

Another legendary! And a good one, too!

Not bad. Kind of a step down from the last couple, but they can't all be legendary.

Here's another legendary! Sadly, I listed this one for much lower than it's market price by mistake and sold it off for cheap. Congratulations to that person!

Two gold ones! And an Elven Cutthroat AND Centaur. Those are some of the best common cards you can get by far. They're both pretty expensive for common cards.

Oh no! Shark Monsters!

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Wow, great gold summoner!!