SPLINTERLANDS UPDATE: Airdrop day, Quest Rewards, Diamond I League Unlocked

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I knew from past experience not to expect much from this airdrop. When the Beta legendary summoners were going to be airdropped, I was excited. I'd purchased a ton of packs and expected (foolishly) that I'd get a bunch of summoners. At least enough to use some of them. No, I got a couple, but then I couldn't even use them because they were level 1 or 2. I couldn't just buy a bunch of them all at once, either, so I ended up renting some (before PeakMonsters had an official renting system) and learned which ones I liked more than others. The first one I maxed out was Prince Rennyn, and then I slowly worked on the rest, but it took some time.

That turned out to be a pretty good investment. I got a good number of them in packs and bought most of the rest of them for around $20 and sometimes even less. Now the card is worth nearly $400.

At least this airdrop is only one card (so far), so if it ends up being awesome, I could probably manage to buy the other 10 it will require to get it to max level so I can actually use it. After just writing that, I realized there are going to be like 14 of these things, so getting all of them maxed out will be nearly impossible for me. I'll have to really think about which ones I can't live without and then think about just selling the others.

The stats on this one don't even seem that great to me, really, but maybe that last stand ability is really powerful or something. I could see that being true. It's got some decent armor and health, but not that much of an attack really for 10 mana.

Quest for Fire

Today's quest rewards were pretty DECent. There's an epic card in there and a gold one. The rest of them are actually pretty meh, but that's okay. As long as there's one good one, you're doing better than the average player.

The quest was to win five battles with the Fire Splinter, which is actually becoming one of my favorite splinters. I used to think it was one of my weakest, but with the introduction of so many new cards, it's really come around. It's possible to really dominate people with speed if they don't see it coming. If they try to do the same thing, you have to try to out-speed them, I suppose. Having a max level Plado Emberstorm definitely helps. The new Pyre summoner also has a speed boost and costs 2 less mana, but I've got a ways to go until I max that one out still.

Diamond I League Unlocked

After I'd successfully won the five battles required to finish my quest, I was close enough to a rating of 3400 (the cutoff for Diamond I league) that I decided to keep battling and try to make it there. I lost the first one, won the second, and the third person fled the battlefield... which put me at exactly 3400. Nice!

The Champion League is within sight! My weekend starts today, too, and that's when I typically have the most time to play, so hopefully I can make some progress. I haven't been spending nearly as much time overall playing, which is good. If I can manage to maintain some sort of moderation with my playing, maybe I won't keep resorting to drastic measures when I feel like it's eating up far too much of the time I should be spending on more important things.

Good luck out there!

There are only a couple of days left in the season! I actually just looked and was a little shocked to see it was 2 days and 18 hours (as of when I'm writing this). I thought I had more like 4 days, but I guess I haven't been paying attention.

It might be me who needs the good luck!

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