Tales of Seasons Ending and Rewards Received

in splinterlands •  6 months ago 

I still got 26 rewards cards as @sharkmonsters even though I didn't play. It'll be fewer and fewer cards each season until I'm eventually back in the novice league.


That's not bad! A legendary card is always fun, even if it's "just" a Sacred Unicorn, which is probably the least exciting of all the legendary cards.

I also got 26 rewards cards for playing as @oh-high-mark and making it to the Gold II league.

Look at that! Three epic cards on one page!

Nothing super noteworthy on the second and third pages of these rewards, but they can't all be winners, right?

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Not bad! I didn't get any legendary in my season rewards (from none of the accounts I play) but luckily my first quest card I opened in this season was a legendary :) and I even found a second one in the same reward set.. :) so that makes up for the not so good season rewards ;)

Nice! Yeah, as long as you get the cards somehow, that's all that matters. I got some good ones in packs yesterday that I'll probably post about later.