TWO new additions to the MAX LEVEL club

in splinterlands •  10 months ago 

I just got back from a camping trip, so I was unable to do anything related to Splinterlands for several days. That sounds like a bad thing, but it's not. Being somewhere away from phones for a few days was awesome. We took our dog Stella on her first camping trip, too, and she did really well.

When I got back, not only had I gotten a few more rentals (which pushed my daily income up to $3.25), but I also had a lot more in credits than the last time I'd checked.

The first one on the list was Black Dragon, which is another legendary card. I like this card, especially when it doesn't get taken out and just keeps leaching lives.

That's not, all though! I had enough to do the next one on the list as well, which was the Phantom Soldier card. This is another one I don't use very often, but I could see where it could come in handy given the exact right set of circumstances. A magic attack of 4 is pretty good. Use Delwyn or Archmage and make it 5. 8 mana is a pretty hefty cost, though.

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Surely people will never recover from a 10% downvote, @camillesteemer! You're a joke.

I had it maxed, but think I burned it or sold not sure.. slowly also trying to build up my cards again, probably going to put the maxed ones in the market only from now on. But it will take some time.. still need to update my rentals and also write a pot..but getting caught up in other things atm lol..