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A lot of us will continue to help real players grow and climb out of those league.

True, but 1. it shouldn't be up to us and 2. maybe we're the fools for doing so. They obviously don't want those small, real players in the game...

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Yes I agree @simplymike, but we became a team back with NRD because we all wanted to help others grow with us. We definitely won't lose sight of that because the alternative is to step over others to get to the top, and that's not what we do either. So we will continue to be honest fools!

There are ways for real players to continue to grow now with herons-unlimited, plus, we still help plenty of players with Team Possible. The problem is that these small accounts (bots) continue to create more smaller accounts, and I'm not even sure how else SM could combat the reward card issue besides the one they proposed.

My friend reached silver 3 in his first season. He's quickly on his way up up up.

If you are an engaged player, it really doesn't take much to move up in the game. Not as hard as it is to leave minnowhood in STEEM at least.

it really doesn't take much to move up in the game

Only a truckload of money....

(But good for your friend. I hope he will continue his journey)

It doesn't take more than 3 or 5 dollars to reach high silver.

@felipejoys, last time I checked, summoners were about $1 on the market. If one wants to build a deck that is only level 2, you need 3 summoners for each splinter. 3 x $1 x 5 splinters = $15. Only for the summoners...

Rental market is getting thin, and more expensive...

Rental market

It's still the best option available. There is no good tutorial and the interface isn't easy to deal with. If that can be fixed or if other alternatives can be offered, then problem solved. Oh and there's also epic summoners which are much cheaper.

If you don't like how rentals is the only alternative other than manual leases, you can offer support to different alternatives.

Shameless plug, my website has automated 7-day lease lotteries of cards from $0.30 to $6. Players can participate in the lotteries by just going there and clicking join. Next on our roadmap is free leases to subscribed members.

Cool thing you're doing. I found out about the site a couple of days ago.

Of course I like the rental market. It offers people a chance to play without having to invest a truckload of money. But I do see people upping their rental prices regularly. With the price of Steem being this low, renting might be cheap in USD, but it does take up quite some Steem.
$5 = 30 Steem at the time of writing... it's not that easy to come by these days. Not for a newcomer, at least.

I also like the herons-Unlimited system... I have a couple of decks in there too. And we have been doing this within Team Possible for almost a year now. (We don't have a script, like Tc, so everything is still done manually, lol).
That's how people like Faiyaz and hossainbd started to play.

However,... all these things have been set up by 3rd parties. The people from Peakmonsters, Tcpolymath, Team Possible, you,...

If you dig through rentals enough, you'll find amazing deals. You can get a gold-capable splinter good for a month for less than $3. But you can also spend a lot less to get it just for a week which is still very much worth it.

3rd parties

Steemmonsters devs are busy enough with their current schedule. They cannot put investor money at risk by developing things that might not work out at all. That said, rentals can only exist thanks to official development of delegations, which is very recent!

Let the creativity come from the community. Support us. :)

Let the creativity come from the community.

Amen to that 😉