Team Possible Guilds Are Recruiting

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Playing Steemmonsters never gets old. Our Team Possible guilds are doing great. Today, TP Power upgraded the Guild Hall, and new open spots are available.

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Team Possible

In case you have never heard of Team Possible (@teampossible) before, we're a bunch of players who got together on Discord not long after the game started. You could say we were a guild even before guilds were released in the game.

In our Discord channel we share experiences, tips and strategies, we host giveaways, set up delegations for cards and sometimes even entire decks, help out newcomers and basically have a lot of fun. Everyone is welcome in our Discord family, ... provided that you have good intentions, of course.

We also have a curation trail set up that offers a whale vote in SPT tokens, and quite a big vote in other tokens too. If you post quality stuff, you can request to receive a vote from this @teampossible trail. You can find more information about that here.


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Team Possible Guilds

When Steemmonsters released guilds, it didn't take us long to set up our own. By that time, we had a lot of members, and that resulted in no less than 4 different guilds.

We were not sure they would take off, because we decided to ask for a weekly DEC contribution. Mainly because we simply can't afford to pay for all the guilds ourselves, and we want to engage people to work together and build something. Our main goal is to bring people together to enhance their participation and rewards.

Letting our members take responsibility for building the guild may slow down the growth a little, but it does increase team spirit and in the end, every member will feel like he has contributed to the success of the guilds.

Every guild targets a different league, which allowed us to tailor the DEC contributions to the earnings of the members.

Team Possible

This is our highest ranked guild. A competitive guild with our Champions League players.
Rank: #7
Guild Hall: Level 7
Contribution: 1500 DEC/week
Open spots at the time of writing: 1

Team Possible Diamond

This is a competitive guild with our Gold and Diamond League players.
Rank: #30
Guild Hall: Level 5
Contribution: 500 DEC/week
Open spots at the time of writing: 0

Team Possible Power

This is a competitive guild with our Silver and Gold League players.
Rank: #20
Guild Hall: Level 6
Contribution: 250 DEC/week
Open spots at the time of writing: 5

Team Possible Troops

This is the 'fun' group, intended for everyone that just wants to have fun.
Rank: #36
Guild Hall: Level 4
Contribution: 100 DEC/week
Open spots at the time of writing: 1


Team Possible Lobby

A free guild for beginners. This one doesn't require DEC contributions, but is kept at level 2. A way to start out for newcomers, until they have built their deck enough to be able to join one of the other guilds.
Rank: #75
Guild Hall: Level 2
Contribution: Free
Open spots at the time of writing: 3

If you're interested in joining, the easiest way is to join us on Discord here.
Alternatively, you can send in a request to join on the Steemmonsters site itself.


Why Join A Guild?

For now, the tangible benefits of being in a guild are still a bit limited. You get a DEC bonus on every won match, and you get a shop discount.

But that will change. On the timeline are guild-tournaments, boss fights and more exciting new guild features.

Meanwhile, you get to be part of a team and let's face it, playing together is always more fun than playing alone. Being able to share your experiences, the excitement of pulling a great card in your rewards, asking questions when something is not clear... those things are priceless and make joining a guild more than worth it.


Team Possible Welcomes All

I'd like to end this post with another clear invitation.

Everyone is welcome in our Team Possible family. Whether you're a champion or a beginner, whether you want to be in one of our guilds or not, our Discord server is free to join and open for everyone. The more the merrier.

Link To Team Possible Discord Server

Feel free to drop by and get in on the fun!!

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Amazing that you play Steemmonsters! I'm curious about the game but have yet to have the time to devote to it 😉👍

Posted using Partiko Android

If you ever find the time, let me know 😉

I wish I come to playing. I always run out of time. So far it was just practising. Who knows if NaNoWriMo is over and I feel better. Happy playing and weekend. 💕

Posted using Partiko Android

Hope you feel better soon. And if you have some time off, you know what to do 😉

@simplymike I will keep it in mind. Thank you. ❤️

Great Splinterlands post! This will be receiving a Steem Monsters upvote!

Great Splinterlands post! This will be receiving a Steem Monsters upvote!

Thanks, @clove71

Thanks for spreading the information.
I always be thankful to @cicisaja (I come to know about TP Group from one of her post).
Proud member of Team Possible.

Posted using Partiko Android

Proud that you're a member of TP, @guurry123!

Great to see the guilds spreading among the players. I hope to see more guild features down the road.

Thanks, @monster-curator.
I hope so too... it's about time guilds get some love

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Congratulations to your team! ;)

Oh, awesome that you came out with this post! Thanks for holding down the fort. None of us seem to have the time to write a post, so glad you are doing the reaching out. :)


I guess some people are just way too busy cheating and literally stealing from their own 'friends' and 'guild-mates' to have the 'time', by using others as their pawns, to screw people for their own selfish gain.

The Irony:) Would you take a look at that. That's true stalker obsession right there!!!