Untamed Challenge 2: Winner's Announcement

in The City of Neoxian2 years ago

Announcing the winner of the 2nd challenge to celebrate the release of the Splinterlands Untamed series and the new owner of the gold foil Failed Summoner

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Untamed Challenges

Last week, I hosted the second edition of the Untamed Challenges to celebrate the release of the brand new Untamed series in the coolest blockchain game around: Splinterlands.

I've decided to postpone the next challenges for 2 more weeks. In January, I'll pick up where I left off. This gives you all a bit more time to play around with the new Untamed cards, and will - hopefully - bring in a couple more contestants.

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Last Week's Challenge

For the second challenge, I asked the participants what their favorite Untamed splinter was.
@cicisaja, @guurry123, @chireerocks, @crypto-spore and @bengy submitted an entry. Thanks for participating, guys.

All participants received some tokens of appreciation and an upvote from my @monstermother- and my main account.

As promised, I'm also giving out a gold foil Failed Summoner. He might have failed as a summoner, but he doesn't fail on the battlefield!

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Thanks for that awesome review of the Death splinter, @crypto-spore. The card will be sent your way.

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Congrats @crypto-spore
waiting for next giveaway......

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Thanks for an awesome contest with a great price!


@crypto-spore, Congratulations and enjoy Steem and Splinterlands Ecosystem.

@simplymike, Thank you so much for your kind mention and keep up with these series of contests. Stay blessed.

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