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RE: Loot Chest System Update

in #splinterlandslast year (edited)

This is (almost) exactly what I wanted to see. I didn’t even realize I was bothered by the aesthetics of seeing less, even though in retrospect I don’t think I ever got used to cards being stacked instead of shown individually, but reading this made me realize it was a bigger deal than I thought.

I still don’t really like playing for potions, but I get the reasoning behind it, and hope I have enough sense to save a few for a future market (hopefully).

Also, breaking down the odds of possible rewards and further clarifying the rewards available to win released a little anxiety. I didn’t know orbs were a possibility. Even if it’s just 1% it’s a counter balance to the potions I don’t want... and having potions around when I open an orb I won doesn’t sound particularly bad so I’m definitely feeling much better about these changes. Thanks to the team for getting this update out so quickly and for continuing to surprise and, more often than not, delight.