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RE: Potion, Quest, and Active Splinter Updates

in #splinterlands2 years ago

This sounds fantastic! When I first read it I misunderstood the tournament quest to say with 5 gold league tournaments and I was monetarily all F you Matt!! That’s crazy! I don’t care if it’s a bonus. Then it clicked and I giggled like a kid. I attribute the temporary outrage to being so often so impressed that the mere thought of something disappointing is so ridiculous my mind couldn’t cope. Maybe you should be terrified you’ve set such a high standard but I’m convinced the team will continue to live up to and surpass it. Thanks for setting the example, guys.


I think that the tournament quest needs very much lucj, f.e. yesterday was 14 hours between the two standardfoil tournaments (you cannot really tell the people to play goldfoil tournaments), so you go out in first round and next tournament is in 14 hours ? How you will - without luck - finish your quest in 23 or 24 hours ?