Splinterlands Contest/Prize Suggestions

in #splinterlandslast year

I recently decided to start Splintervangelizing and now often find my self daydreaming that I Genghis Khan the affiliate program so brutally that in time virtually everyone will have at least one account that can be traced back to me.

“Holy Sh*t! That’s ambitious!” You might say. You’re goddamn right it is. Legendary ambition if you ask me. The kind of ambition that, if realized, would lead to immortality.

“How the hell?!” You might say. Well I’m gonna tell you. You get the devs to cartoon the living shit out of you and slap you on a summoner card, that’s how. I’m claiming Splinterlando Calrissian right now if I pull it off (I’ll settle for Calruffian if there’s legal bs).

So this is an open request to @yabapmatt and @aggroed to consider contests like this to boost promotion.

Periodically award the player with the most affiliates a literal presence in the game for the generations to worship as gods!

Sprinkle in legacy items like that when/where you can.

Maybe a special combo of market items named after them (The Calrissian Stash, x booster packs/orbs and potions).

The financial reward system is fantastic but I’m a bit of a late comer compared to the original Kickstarter crowd and I feel like a part of this. I bet those guys feel like immediate family. We’re all growing up together, after all. Why not make it official?

And how about an affiliate leaderboard we can check out to see everyone’s numbers? Tap into the competitive nature that calls us to battle and put it on display.

That’s all.


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