Splinterlands Guide: Playing Level One (1) Cards

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So you got a starter deck, looked over the cards, read the rules, and now you’re ready to battle.
Here are a few tips for playing a level one (1) deck.

When choosing your team consider...

Just because a card can function in a specific place in your lineup doesn’t mean that’s the best place for it.

Ranged attacks can be launched from the 2nd position, but if your tank drops they’re instantly downgraded to meat shield. So unless specific rules are in place, abilities are a factor, or you're working with a specific strategy it's usually best to keep them farther back.

Magic attacks can still attack from the first position if your tank is lost, but they aren’t strong or fast enough to dodge and may fall to a single magic attack, if by some miracle they do manage to live long enough to take a hot wad of eldritch sludge to the face. That’s no way to go out.

And just because melee can’t attack from any position other than the first (abilities not withstanding) doesn’t mean you should rule out throwing a slow card in front to take a hit or two before your real tank steps over the mangled lump to handle business. Many battles have been won on the trampled corpse of a martyr!

Also take note that...

Abilities matter. Every extra stat point is potentially a game changer so consider them carefully.

When it comes to stacking abilities consider the following:

Stats can go as high as you can stack them but attack, speed, and health can not be reduced below one (1).

Abilities that reduce melee and ranged attacks to one (1) render them useless against an opponent with the shield ability.

Same is true for magic/Void.

Doubling up on Sneak/Snipe/Opportunist/etc. can devastate an unsuspecting opponent but a little preparation can severely render such strategies fruitless and maybe even disadvantageous.


Make sure you don’t put monsters in positions that debilitate their effectiveness if it can be avoided, but keep in mind that often situations arise that redefine what “effectiveness” means.

Try to use all available MANA, but not to the detriment of functionality. It doesn’t matter how much you spend if they can only attack one or two at a time.

I PREACH the gospel of manipulating SPEED!
An extra hit point is nice, as is extra armor , and attack, but extra speed is hands down my favorite. Extra speed can mean you don’t need the extra health or armor because you can’t get hit. At level 1 that translates to stacking slow, for the most part, but even that can be very effective at getting more attacks in early which can shape the whole battle.

I hope this has been helpful.
Welcome to Splinterlands!
Try not to get eaten...

If you want to get in the game you can get started at https://splinterlands.io/?ref=sinistry

If you want more content from me follow me on Twitter @sinistry74

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Thank you for sharing this information. I was playing Splinterlands for a long and I think I am still learning.
The summoners also play a major role in your team progression in the league.

That's a great point! I may edit and add something on that. Thank you for pointing it out!

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Thanks for the strategy tips for new players!!! I am not good at bronze-silver,etc. leagues- only my maxed cards! LOL! Thank you for these tips- I love these kids of posts for new players!!!

Thank you for putting the idea out there! I enjoy doing these but often lack direction so it’s nice to have such an enthusiastic motivator like you to nudge me from time to time. 😁

Also, Thank you for directing me to resources! I love having the flare to play with.

Your post was great! I shared it everywhere for new players! I think these kind of helpful posts are awesome!!!