SplinterSchemes: Ideas to monetize Splinterlands

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Hello all! I hope you’re well. I have hair brained schemes I’ve been considering and I’d like to share for critique, comments, suggestions, and insights.

To help explain where I’m coming from I’ll first explain where I am.

I need to makes some changes and reinvent myself. I’ve been considering, and am now actively planning, a tour across America.

My original thought was to buy a van and bounce around from town to town, picking up work as I need it, until I find whatever it is I’m looking for.

Then I saw the Ambassador Program the Splinterlands team posted and it got my mind reeling.

Since I’m going to be traveling anyway maybe I could supplement my income here and there with affiliate rewards and hopefully community support, as I intend to post often throughout my travels, during which I’d like to meet some other Splinterlandians and perhaps record some live challenges. At the very least I’ll be posting a recruitment log to welcome newcomers I bring in through the Ambassador program.

If I have my way I’ll be traveling for at least a year but if I can properly monetize this endeavor I may just Splintervangelize for a few years. I wonder how many affiliates it would take to earn comfortable residual income...

Once I started thinking about things from an evangelical mindset a bigger picture began to form in my mind.

It breaks down like this...

I start a guild that’s branded and only players who use my affiliate code are eligible for membership. I pay all membership fees from affiliate rewards and at least a portion of the remainder is used to offer prizes to members, I.e. orbs/packs/dec, etc., for top players, as well as prizes for members only tournaments periodically, as funding allows.

I think this would be good for pack sales since guild members need to contribute to the reward pool to maintain and increase membership benefits and I hope it won’t feel as, for lack of a better phrase, unrewarding as just donating DEC and hoping everyone else does, too. This way your contribution to the guild still nets you a pack to open.

Once members grow out of the beginner’s guide I’ll start a new one for higher leagues, and continue doing that as long as it’s sustainable, if it is to begin with.

The entire operation will be under a branded account that will only be used for matters relating to running the endeavor for the sake of organization and transparency.

If I can manage a degree of success I’d like to eventually have my own affiliate code on my SplinterVan so people can scan while in traffic, parking lots, rest stops, etc. so I don’t have to split all rewards with business.

I’m not silly enough to think I’m going to retire on this down the road or anything but I hope I can use it to earn enough to help supplement my travels for a few years until I find a place to settle.

I’d like your thoughts. Can this work? How can I balance it between a big silly show and a legitimate income stream?

Any other ideas I could throw into the mix?


Wow! What a great idea that is, you sure can hit up a lot of comic stores while traveling! Great post!

Not just comic stores. Any place people conjugate and get bored. Laundromats, beauty salons, especially places where parents have kids they want to keep from running wild. 😁

And believe it or not there's a small town video rental store about 15 miles from home. I suspect small business like that are struggling in the streaming environment we live in now and would welcome a few extra $$ rolling n for nothing more than hanging a cool poster by the counter.

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