Splinterlands Strategies: Escaping the Curse of the Silver League

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If you play SteemMonsters (Splinterlands), then end of season can be great.

You get some new cards, maybe a Legendary if you are fortunate and then it’s the demotion of your rank and the next one begins.

I use level 5 summoners which right now means the Gold league. Occasionally I can edge into the Diamond league when everyone is fighting to gain rank as the season closes.

splinterlands logo.png

Last season I failed to get there and Gold I was my final position. This presents some frustrations, as I find myself demoted to the Silver league for the following season.

Level 5 gains you many abilities, these can be called the second tier as you gain access to Commons at (6), Rares at (5), Epics at (4) and Legendaries at (3).


Lord Arianthus - Those Thorns at Level 3 make all the difference between winning and losing

Let’s look at the last set of these cards that is Legendaries at level 3. Many use Lord Arianthus as their tank, and he gains thorns at Level 3.

However, he's restricted to using only two of his three abilities when in the Silver league and although I'm playing with higher level summoners it can be frustrating to struggle to the rank of (1900) which grants that prestige Gold level again.


Mushroom Seer's Silence ability is handy for suppressing those aggressive Magic based water decks and a little poison at level 5 is a welcome addition!

Many players below (1900) are using Level 4 summoners so this should be a walkover right?

Not so at all. Many times you are pitted against players in the low 2000's who have already gained their Gold status for the current season.


Once you have hit 1900 then you are Gold for the rest of the season. NOTE: It puts you down to 1600 when the season finishes (Gold I). That's 300 ranks worth of struggle!

If you hit 1900 and then go on a losing streak, don't let it bother you.

Likely you will hit many silver players who cannot yet use their second-tier abilities or lack a level 5 summoner and monsters to combat yours.

At Gold, you gain more DEC per win. You also gain more cards per daily quest.


So how do you get in that Gold league if you have level 5 Summoners and suitably levelled monsters?

Just persevere is all I can advise. One trick I have learned is to give it a break for 3 or 4 days after the end of season.

Everyone is so desperate to gain the ranks that it becomes tedious and frustration can set in.

You can always try and outsmart your opponent tactically but it only goes so far.


In my opinion, Fire is currently the weakest splinter at levels 4/5, unless of course you can afford a Plado Emberstorm

Don't use Fire, as I consider it the weakest splinter (currently) at these kinds of levels. The rest of them are quite evenly balanced.


DEC Post HF-21

I used to send 1000 DEC to Splinterlands using TheSteemEngine for a vote of between $1.30 - $1.60. It used to be worth it, but is it anymore?

That depends whether you want to give your DEC to curators. You will now only gain 45% of the yield, reduced from 75%.

I will be using my DEC to buy Orbs. It’s another form of Bid Bot I suppose that is no longer worth using.

As I write this there are 8 days left until the end of the season. I just managed to escape that cursed silver league.



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Glad I'm not the only one in the Silver doldrums at the start of the season! I still plug away at it to try and get the daily quest though... but the string of losses can be a right pain in the arse!

The frustrations are real, wherever you may be positioned - I need to win one more game!

They are indeed @abh12345. Fortunately, we were looking after our grandson yesterday and I was forced to go to the beach. 😂 . . . Thank goodness!

@slobberchops The first couple of days after season end are my favourite time to play. I find I can move up fastest then and also earn way more DEC as the big fighters are taking a rest.

Yikes :D

I find it best to move up the league on the final day and hardest at the beginning of the season!

Maybe I'm just lucky with timing on the first day but this was me with Level 4/5 summoners from the drop back to Silver.

Day 1: 2697 DEC, Day 2: 650, Day 3: 1702 then never >1000 and sometimes it takes me 3 days to complete a DQ.

Last season was relatively good on Day 1 too but more balanced overall.

I ususally stop playing as soon as I loose 3 games in a row but even that doesn't stop a massive pile up of losses. Just lessens the frustration. 😁

as the big fighters are taking a rest.

You can look at it that way, I will give your suggestion a try next EOS.

That's a lot of skulls, too many for me to bear! Diamond is shackles unleashed, no prisoners taken. I don't last long when and if I make it to rank 2800.

Man, your terrible at this game..... I would have though you were good by now with all the matches you have played.

He managed to beat @gandalf (@gtg), that's more than I can.. he always kicks my arse!

I think I'm leading the private head-to-head with g2g :D

A few months ago I beat exyle too, was happy with that!

I'm playing a non-maxed summoner in the Diamond league - gimme a break! :D

Got some nice cards though


I know your pain. All my summoners are level 6 with a couple of sevens. The level has really gone up in diamond especially and then you keep getting matched up with players over 4000 rating. Just get destroyed. I'm going to have to try and max out some of the cards just to compete properly in diamond going forward.

I leveled up Lyanna out of frustration last night - didn't help much though as she's a 7 now. I'm going to save up for the max out, pricey stuff these days!

Ah, I keep forgetting to play!! Must try harder!

I have yet to meet a bespectacled lion on the battlefield!

I have yet to meet
A bespectacled lion
On the battlefield!

                 - slobberchops

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I don't think I have met you either! I am b00m on there so look like the chap in the spacesuit!

One of my favourite Haiku's! :D

I know what you mean about Lord Anus - those thorns come in damn handy.

I still stick by my avoid playing in the first few days of the season strategy... works a treat!

I hardly have any fire cards - I sold most of them... it is a pretty naff splinter!

Don't use dec for upvotes myself either now - yr right it's not worth it!

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I like Fire! And I'd like it even more if I could max the summoner - one day.

Deffo worth waiting a few days after the season reset!

Yes OK!

Shame the cards weren't matched!

I don't mind fire, I just had to pick one as a duff splinter, because it's cheaper, and you can always reset the quest, once!

Lord Anus is awesome but more awesome when he's thorny.. simply no question about it.

I still play all splinters, but finishing a Fire quest is torturous. I have to drop several levels to attain it.

It's a shame about DEC, it may reduce it's value unless the steemmonsters team change the value to accomodate 45/45.

Why does everyone say 50/50 when it's really not that at all?

I truly hate the Lord of Anus Holes!! I guess that’s just because mine is only level one. 😃

Why do you say 45/45? Where’s the other ten percent going?


The other 10% is going to the gods themselves.. hopefully they will use it to advertise this platform and the token.

Thanks, yeah I read that this morning...to the Steem proposal system. You’re right. We’ll see how it goes...

I guess it's just laziness!

I always find these splinterland posts quite informative, I struggle to get out of Silver each season normally only make it to gold 1 with a day or so to go if that

I think HF21 is goign to have quite an impact on the platform and will be interestign to see howit goes

Yes, silver is a royal pain in the arse to me. You have the cards but with stunted abilities.

Yeah it’s such a nightmare to break out of it some seasons

It is definitely a struggle to rank up these days as more players join. The renting of cards have brought many players to play with powerful cards at decent prices so that could be an option to consider.

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I'm considering being the landlord of cards, but not the tenant. It's a viable option for a daily passive income without any degradation to your 'property. No wear and tear, nothing.

Great point about the @splinterlands bid-bot ROI being diminished with the new upgrade. I just put in the usual 2,000 DEC for my new post, and hadn't even thought of that. However, an important ADDITIONAL benefit of the $3-4 USD bid-bot vote ( at 2,000 DEC ) is that I always hit the trending page of #steemmonsters and/or #drugwars for my series posts, and that draws additional upvotes and followers. I guess we'll all need to experiment with the bid-bot to see if it remains feasible. Thanks for mentioning this important point...

You can buy cards with DEC, something I missed on the OP. I think that's what I will do with them now. Other than that, it's simply trading them for STEEM.

What's going to raise more in value? The cards or the base token? None of us know the answer.

!tip of the day. We should all just get a job as a greeter at WalMart. It pays more.

Le sigh.

I would give you a comment vote but word on the street it that the new curve will render it dust. Maybe I should start the tips like you do. Is this the way forward?

But... until I find out for sure... here's your vote... ;)

I haven't seen Diamond since the early days of the game. Hopefully now that I did some re-arranging with my cards I can get there a little easier.

I can sneak into it sometimes, but it's tough with lvl5 summoners. Are you on 4?

I am getting nowhere this season, but then I leased out my best card and just got paid some DEC for that. I am pondering what I do with it.

It looks like the game gets more interesting in the higher levels, but I won't get there without spending a lot on upgrading my cards. It is good that this economy exists for those who are into it.

but then I leased out my best card and just got paid some DEC for that.

Your leased it out where? Using PeakMonsters?

DEC is not as useful to me as we now get less than half of the value of the vote. I just got 2 Orbs with mine.., the pulls were not good.

I put out an offer via @tenkminnows and someone took it up. There was no formal agreement of what I would get back, but he offered it. I will have to see what I can do with the DEC. Not enough to be worth just selling really.

You can buy cards with DEC now, another thing that I overlooked.

I didn't know that. I've not got enough to buy much right now.

Last season I failed to get there and Gold I was my final position. This presents some frustrations, as I find myself demoted to the Silver league for the following season.

How is the current season playing out for you, already reached the Diamond levels?

Never been in the Diamond league before so don't know how it is to start at Gold level at the beginning of a new season... But what I do know since the current season (I got my death summoner upgraded last season) is that feeling you can't use all that power hidden in your cards till you reach that gold level indeed...😏

One trick I have learned is to give it a break for 3 or 4 days after the end of season.

By waiting a few days aren't you missing out on the DQ rewards?🤔

already reached the Diamond levels?

No, not by a long way. Just about in Gold I, though yesterday there was little play due to HF21.

By waiting a few days aren't you missing out on the DQ rewards?

There is that, it get's frustrating sometimes that I just dump it for a while..

No, not by a long way. Just about in Gold I, though yesterday there was little play due to HF21.

Damn with your cards not in the Diamond league yet!?😱 I must admit the season did get though it seems. I upgraded a few cards a bit but last season it was for sure easier to reach Gold 1!

Are you already playing in a guild?

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