The emergence of undead - Splinterlands Fantasy Story

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After a thousand years of sleep the kingdom of the living dead revives and now haunts everyone in splinterlands, it was not for lack of warning, LYANNA NATURA warned for years about the inconsequential actions of the fire empire, but was not properly heard and now everyone will have to pay the price. A new great war is about to take place in splinterlands.


But knowing the current situation of splinterlands, LYANNA NATURA came to the conclusion that due to lack of organization and unity between the empires would lose the war, with this fear she began a great recruitment campaign, starting with the empire of justice led by TYRUS PALADIUM, Their adherence to the idea was swift and soon they created the first Guild of Splinterlands called 'Defenders of Light', a suggestive name for the idea that they were fighting against darkness.

The plan to reunite the empires seemed to be going well until they tried to recruit ALRIC STORMBRINGER who replied:
_My empire never received any help in the fight against the empire of fire and we will not be affected by the fact that we live in the water, so get out of my sight before I release the sharks.

With no time to recover from the disappointment of the water empire, LYANNA NATURA and TYRUS PALADIUM are greeted with fire by the MALRIC INFERNO who didn't want to talk to humans, but out of the fire empire found TALIA FIRESTORM who showed discontent with her empire and offered help, needing any help guild defenders of light accepted and praised the brave TALIA FIRESTORM for taking a different attitude than MALRIC.

As the battle approached some neutral residents of splinterland began to join Guild realizing the danger of possible defeat, all united with one goal in mind, to defeat the realm of the living dead to ensure their survival in slinterlands.

Beginning of War

"The goal of war is to achieve lasting peace" Author Unknown.

The light-defending guild began its offensive overwhelmingly, encircling the enemy base and attacking with magic and bolts, but the undead revived soon after falling, unsure of what to do LYANNA and TYRUS ordered the retreat to make a thorough investigation.

Everyone gathered to decide who would infiltrate the empire of the living dead, all stared at the swamp thing that replied:
_Impossible, everyone would recognize me as a living!
This is not how everyone thought and sent the swamp thing as a spy, a sole purpose, to discover the secret that makes the living dead revive, for at the moment their army was not yet so large, but it was growing daily.


So swamp thing began to infiltrate the enemy base, coming close to the base an ANIMATED CORPSE stopped him, the heart of the swamp thing almost stopped:
_ "I was discovered" thought ST.
"Friend, you look finished," said ANIMATED CORPSE.
"Please let me go," replied ST.
Confused ANIMATED CORPSE continued pacing, relieving the dreaded swamp thing, entering the base found a crystal giant that was growing slowly, scared rushed out and almost ended up dead by the undead, luckily managed to reach the Guild camp and reported on the mysterious Crystal.

The elders then talked about a legend about crystals fueled by negative energies that gave power to those who owned it, knowing that the Guild leaders decided that the best option was to mine the crystal so as not to let the undead army dominate splinterlands.

As soon as the other two empires found out about the energy crystal they agreed to enter the light defending guild and thus kept their balance in splinterlands without the need to annihilate the undead ...

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