11th Untamed Airdrop Card Revealed!

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We're coming up to yet another 100k Untamed booster packs selling out so it's time to reveal the next Untamed airdrop card!

After the recent airdrop of the Byzantine Kitty, all of the new Legendary Summoner cards designed by Kickstarter backers have been released, so going forward anything can happen...this time it's an Epic Fire Splinter Monster - Goblin Firemage!

Even though the card is being revealed now, it won’t be “unlocked” and available in the game until after the remaining ~13,000 packs are sold. The Goblin Firemage will be the 14th Epic card to be available in Untamed edition booster packs, so the chances of receiving the card in the airdrop (as well as in booster packs going forward, without the use of potions) will be approximately 1.429% or 1 in every 70 packs on average, with an average of 1 in 50 of them (or 2%) being Gold Foil.

Additionally, players will be GUARANTEED to receive at least one Goblin Firemage card for every 70 Untamed edition booster packs they have purchased.

Show Me the Stats!

The Goblin Firemage is a fearsome new magic-attack monster for the Fire Splinter. He packs quite a punch for only 4 mana, his attacks cast Dispel on his enemies which removes all positive status effects, and he also Blinds the enemy team making them more likely to miss with Melee and Ranged attacks!

Get In On the Airdrop!

At the time of writing there are just over 13,000 Untamed booster packs available for purchase that will be eligible for the Goblin Firemage airdrop. Of course, all Untamed booster packs purchased to date - either through the site or through the crowdfunding campaign - are also eligible, and after the airdrop the card will be available to be found in all packs opened going forward.

These packs will also be eligible for all 3 of the remaining new Untamed card airdrops that will happen every time another set of 100,000 packs are sold.

We also want to remind everyone that it is still often possible to get a discount on purchasing booster packs by getting Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) tokens on secondary markets. DEC currently trades on the following exchanges:

Goblin Firemage - Lore

The rugged goblins of the Burning Lands have embraced many types of craft and skill that are outside the awareness of their cousins in Anumün, including the conjuring arts. The majority of these fire goblins live in the vast northern region known as the Smoldering Forest, along with 90% of the continent's vegetation. There are entire societies of goblins there that never leave the shelter of the forests, creating everything they need to survive using the delicate but chaotic combination of growth and fire. One of these large groups calls themselves the Viridi - "that which continues to grow." The Viridi have masterful sciences and industries of their own, about which the Anumün goblins of Gobson know nothing. Their people thrive in peace, reach for intellectual greatness and expand the limits of what is possible.

One of the most esteemed and mysterious positions among the Viridi is that of Firemage. Over their intensive twenty year studies, these mages learn to extract the greatest quantities of fire mana for their spells from deep within the Planet while expending only a small amount of energy. Within the Viridi, their magic is used to power engines, maintain perpetual furnaces, even to prolong goblin life and comfort the sick. They are also the only members of the Viridi that venture beyond the boundaries of the Smoldering Forest and explore the Splinterlands. Several years ago, a small group of Goblin Firemages was discovered by a Torch scout party defending themselves in the Ashlands against a band of wild trolls. The scouts watched as the Firemages vaporized all five of the towering trolls without breaking a sweat. Now Firemages are considered some of the deadliest warriors in the Burning Lands.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.


I Feel Like I am Going to Be Dropped One of These in GOLD.......I Will Show it Off in a Future reply to a splinterlands Post.............

Brilliant, for only four mana. I can’t wait to get mine.

This is a great looking card, hopefully will be able to add it to my collection!

Now this is a sick card too, nice. Cant wait for them all to turn gold haha.... Thanks for the update....

Will be a good one to have for the Kobold mining tourneys. Interesting card indeed!

Splinterlands 🔥

about Dispel - is it applied before or after damage? Very important vs monsters with magic shield (or how is that ability which makes armor absorb magic dmg named)

Goblin Firemage looks great either way - new damage dealer not only for little leagues. And if Dispel is applied before dmg he's even better.

Looks like a good card. It will be nice to add some more magic fire cards to my collection!

We only need 70 untamed packs to be guaranteed a Goblin Firemage.
Nice, can’t wait to get mine and see what it can do in battle.

I love this card so much and I believe I will get it.

got one yay