Get Your Oink On!

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The team behind the new, Hive-based game Piggericks (@piggericks) has opened up the barn gates and generously provided free pigs to any players who make an eligible booster purchase of Untamed booster packs in the Splinterlands shop!

Piggericks is an easy to learn, quick, and super fun game where you face off against an opponent and "roll" NFT pigs to see who can bank the most rewards! We highly encourage everyone to check it out and get their hands on some valuable pigs.

Purchase Untamed booster packs in the following quantities and receive a promo code redeemable at for the following items:

  • 10 - 24 packs = Piggy Pair - Level 1 ($2 value)
  • 25 - 99 packs = Piggy Pair - Level 3 ($10 value)
  • 100+ packs = Piggy Family - Level 4 ($50 value)

We have been given a limited supply of these packages so the promotion will continue only while supplies last. Make sure to get yours before they run out!

Please note that packs must be purchased in a single transaction. Multiple purchases of fewer than 10 packs are not eligible for the promotion.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will go @steem.dao (the Hive Development Fund account) to support the development of the Hive platform.


I'll make a mental note of checking out the piggies later

Nice to see the games working together, and this is the sort of stuff that would be good for - when it's ready :)

cool site.

The prices had to be claimed by 8-16, which you did not do so it expired.

We had clearly stated to log-into the game and claim the reward in the tournament and the winner announcement post.

I agree, we love Splinterlands and their people.

Will they be able to fight in Splinterlands?

They are not monsters yet :-)

They don't need to get monstrous; just a little furious :))

I like the tie in, I went to the website to figure it out. Still learning, but I do like trying to work with other companies to jointly promote each game.

Pigs are sold on the Ethereum blockchain, which has an average transfer fee of $3 USD.


The article says that it is a hive-based blockchain game, so it seems that someone is confused. I knowing nothing about it can't say who is mixed up, but hopefully someone figures it out =)

The game itself uses HIVE for user login, and game results are recorded on HIVE chain but the digital assets [Pigs] are sold on Ethereum. That is why the game asks you to connect your Ethereum wallet to your account. I think they should abandon that and build completely on HIVE.

We are working on that too. We are just getting started. All the assets reside on Hive however, so transfers on hive are totally possible.

Agreed. Sad that so much development goes into some of these projects when the average user will take one look and say "nope, not for me" because of fees.

Ethereum is a trap 😜

Pig recieved in offer are promotion (i noticed that the promotional pig last for some days only).

You are getting regular pigs, but you need to redeem the offer in time. You may have received additional Bonus Pigs though.

Ah very cool looks like Splinterlands got piggy fever, could we have piggy rick card limited edition mint too :P

wish they had an ability to exchange via hive...

Yes this is on the agenda, but currently we do not have an internal market ready.

One thing that keeps me away is the impossibility to login with Keychain. Any plans to address this?

Ok Thanks for sharing

Cool and rehived :-)


Splinderland recommends me this game piggericks and so I join and play some games. The very slow game, time waste. I entered into battle and after waiting for a 5-minutes timer screen I got a time out message. So I play again and waste another 5-minutes.

Splinterlands and the team members are doing everything to make sure we are enjoying it